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Dallton Santos

Location: São Paulo, Brazil
Date of Birth: July 25, 1976
Been playing guitar since: 1995

My father taught me the first chords on the acoustic guitar, and I became a huge fan of The Beatles. Soon i started looking at the electric guitar, inspired by Slash and bands like Metallica and Iron Maiden.

Professionally, I started teaching and gigging early with local rock bands.

Currently I'm focused on my trio and giving classes worldwide via skype.

I have 3 instrumental solo albums and I´m always writing new songs -
because of my love for music!

I´m sponsored by Gruv Gear, Alien Amps, Ibanez, Dragons Heart Guitar Picks.

Playing and Influences
I have many, many... influences. Here are my top favorites. Let me start with the guitar players that I like: Eddie Van Halen, Steve Vai, Brett Garsed, Jeff Beck, Allan Holdsworth, Greg Howe, Scott Henderson.
Others: Michael Brecker, John Coltrane, Frank Zappa, Hermeto Pascoal, Arnold Schönberg, Herbie Hancock, Ornette Coleman, Chick Correa, John Cage, Jean Luc Ponty.

It will be a pleasure to share my lessons with everyone, and I hope I can meet and make new good friends here!

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