Dave Murray Style

by Ben Higgins

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  • Welcome to my new lesson and this time it's another Maiden guitarist in the spotlight - Dave Murray !

    Dave's playing features a lot of bluesy bends and fast and smooth trills and hammer ons so it requires a lot of finger stamina. For this lesson I used my Jackson because I could make use of the neck pickup to get closer to sounding like Dave. Although he does use his bridge pickup for solos too, it's the smooth, rounded sound of the neck pickup that most of us will associate with Dave Murray's sound.

    I've presented you with some Maiden inspired rhythm playing before you dive into the solo. Altogether this lesson will work on:

    - Rhythm playing
    - Chord shifting
    - String bending
    - Hammer on /pull off technique
    - Finger stamina

    You'll notice a guitar harmony during the rhythm half of the lesson. You'll play the higher harmony so I've provided the original, lower harmony guitar to cut in for that section on the backing tracks.

    Now, get practicing!

    Standard tuning E A D G B E


    Marshall JVM 410H.
    LEAD: OD1 Channel, Red setting. BASS 1, MID 3, TREB 7, GAIN 3
    RHYTHM: OD2 Channel, Orange setting. BASS 3, MID, 3, GAIN 3

    E Minor


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