Double Stop Phrasing

by Sinisa Cekic

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  • Hi GMC!

    Welcome to my new lesson about double stops. Playing double stops means playing on two strings at the same time. You can find this technique in blues and rockĀ“n roll, heavy metal, etc... Double stops or 2-note harmony runs are critical to developing a much more, well rounded style and approach. In this lesson, you'll see how they can help you build a song and add more musicality into your arsenal of licks and ideas. Double stops create a fatter, fuller sound during single note licks and can be quickly moved around to create fills during rhythm playing.

    Guitar : Fender Squier telecaster

    Equipment : Sonar8 DAW, Guitar Rig5 plugin

    Tempo : 70 bpm

    Time Signature : 4/4

    Chord progression : Cm,A#,G#,Fm7

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