How To Play Pull-Offs

by Bogdan Radovic

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  • Hi GMC!

    This lesson is all about pull-offs technique! This is a technique which goes hand in hand with hammer-ons technique. I'd suggest that you check out my previous lesson called "How To Play Hammer-ons" and get more familiar with hammer-ons technique, before learning this one as pull-offs are the exact opposite of it and present, in my opinion, a slightly more challenging technique though based on very similar principals. In other words - learn how to play hammer-ons first and than pull-offs as you'll be using both of these techniques all the time.

    We'll start with the basic concepts like what pull-offs are and how to play them on the guitar. Please go through the material step by step and don't forget to work on the provided exercises using metronome or drum backing tracks. This technique is indeed a bit tricky to play (and I find it harder than playing hammer-ons) and when practicing it you might feel your picking hand getting tired. At first, you should just concentrate on practicing the pull-off motion using any two notes on any of the strings. Just practice the motion at first without any backings or anything. Once familiar with the motion and once you feel comfortable you'll be able to play it (somewhat) in time, start working the exercises.

    You'll be glad to know that I have an evil plan with these lessons - I'm preparing you to play very well in the future without you even knowing it! :) By having you learn hammer-ons and pull-offs, I'm preparing you for intermediate level challenges such as playing first solos as well as learning more advanced techniques like legato which are fully based on hammer-on and pull-off motions. You don't want to hear how solos sound without these techniques (or using them poorly), trust me.

    This lesson is well worth practicing and I'd like to ask if you could provide me with your feedback about the lesson materials and how is it working for You? This will also help me to better structure my future lessons as well. The easiest way to contact me is to just leave the comment in the lesson feedback section which can be found to the right of the lesson player. Also, if you prefer email (or you don't have a GMC account yet), you can send me an email message to: [email protected]

    Looking forward to hearing from you! :)

    Example lessons used in the main video:

    Hybrid Picking & Legato
    Hammer-on Pull-off Etude
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