Metal for beginners - Megadeth #1

by Darius Wave

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  • Difficulty: 2
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  • Hi there folks!

    Welcome to the Metal for Beginners - MEGADETH #1 lesson!

    This lesson is based on Megadeth style from the album "Countdown To Extinction". You will find here some essential riffin' concepts inspired by Marty and Dave's playing on this particular album. I made a selection to best fit a beginner stage of skills, and tried my best to make those sound almost like originals, without making a pure copy (cover). Remember to always take care of the details. Watch carefully - picking direction and hand positions are the key. Before You say "I can't handle this part" always go back to the lesson part and make sure You do everything exactly like showed in the slow videos. All movements are assigned the way to achieve best clarity and comfort of playing + good timing. To get best palm muting performance don't be shy of really strong playing. It does work perfect with lower gain, and gives much tighter tone. Enjoy the lesson :)

    Gear used (in order of connection chain placement):

    1. Hufschmid Helldunkel All Sapeli electric guitar (Custom pickups)
    2. Behringer MIC100 tube preamp (-20db switch on, gain and out knobs about 50%)
    3. Presonus Inspire 1394 firewire audio interface (input gain 25%)
    4. Poulin LeCTO - VST amp sim (default settings, besides input 100%, modern red channel mode, gain 40%)
    6. Kefir impulse loader + God's cab impulse "44.1\SM57\NOTS\57_1_inch_cap_pres_1.wav" ((mix 100%, gain 30%, length 0 %)
    7. Cubase track EQ :: 1 - 211 Hz + 12 dB Q=0.0 high pass 1 mode :: 2 - 434 Hz - 3,7 dB Q=1.8 4,73 Hz - 6.8 dB Q=0.0 low pass 1 mode


    Regular - E1 B2 G3 D4 A5 E6

    Backing track progression:

    4/4 F#5 E5 | G5 E5 | G5 E5 | E5 (muted) |
    F#5 E5 | A5 E5 | G5 E5 | E5 (open string harmonics)|
    E5 D# D B | Bb A5 G5 | G5 F# E F# G F# E | E5 G5 E5 |
    E5 D# D B | Bb A5 Bb5 | Bb5 G E G A G E | E5 |
    Cadd2 G/B Bb6 | Bb6 | G5 F#5 F5 |
    F5 | Cadd2 G/B Dsus4 | Dsus4 |
    G5 F#5 A5 | A5 Bb5 A5 G5 |
    E5 F5/E D5/E | D5/E F5/E E5 |
    E5 F5/E G5 | G5 E5 |
    E5 F5/E D5/E | D5/E F5/E E5 |
    E5 F5/E G5 | G5 E5 |
    E5 | E5 | E5 | E5 ||

    Tempo: Main song tempo is 120 bpm. There are also backing tracks available at 60, 75, 90, 105 and 120 bpm.

    Time signature: 4/4

    Scales used in this lesson:

    E aeolian minor

    E phrygian

    E blues mode

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