Sliding Arpeggios: Jason Becker Style

by Ben Higgins

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  • Welcome to my new lesson!

    I'm looking at the sweep arpeggio technique of Jason Becker. Jason's way of playing arpeggios often consisted of slides and pull offs, as opposed to playing every note with heavy palm muting. He also used to favour his bridge pickup a lot of the time, giving a bright and slippery legato feel to his sweeps.

    I've simplified the approach so that this lesson is attainable to anyone wanting to explore sweep picking.

    The hard thing about mid tempo sweeps is that it is more difficult to keep steady time. The sweeping motion of the pick relies on constant momentum so it can be tricky to keep it controlled. However, what better practise could there be?

    The arpeggios shapes follow the chords of the backing. They are all common shapes that you will encounter if you explore sweep picking. Hopefully this lesson will give you an extra dose of fire to add to your sweeps to make them more interesting. Enjoy!

    Tuning: E A D G B E Standard Tuning

    Tempo: 140bpm

    Time Signature: 3/4

    Gear: Marshall JVM 410H. OD1 Channel, Red setting. BASS 2, MID 4, TREB 8, GAIN 4

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