Southern Comfort

by Sinisa Cekic

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  • Difficulty: 4
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    THE PROFESSOR Getting that smooth, Southern Comfort soul into your playing, as you can hear in this lesson by Sinisa, often comes down to mixing in a bit of Major Pentatonic Scale ideas with your minor pentatonic ideas that you would normally fall back upon with a chord progression such as this. You can hear Sinisa jam with this sound over the G chord, where he plays the notes G, A and B, all notes of the G Major Pentatonic Scale. 

    So, to pour yourself a bit of Southern Comfort the next time you’re jamming over a tune, dig into the Major Pentatonic Scale System for some ideas that will take your playing in this style to that next level.

    Hey GMC!

    Welcome to my new Southern style lesson.
    This time we will deal with Country western variant, using several techniques such as: double stops, alternate and economy picking, hybrid picking, bends, slides and other, usually the most frequently used guitar techniques.

    Guitar : Fender strat plus (with excellent Lace Sensor pickups)

    Tone settings : GuitarRig 5
    The guitar is recorded with 2 channels
    1. L "Country Strat bridge" preset / 2x12 AC Silver cab
    2. R "Country Strat bridge" preset / 2x12 AC Blue cab

    Equipment : Sonar8 DAW

    Tempo : 85 bpm

    Signature : 4/4

    Chord progression : D5/F/D,G/C/Am

    Key signature : D

    Techniques : Double stops, slides, bending, alternate,economy, hybrid picking

    Scale used : D minor pentatonic

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