Dorian Phrases

by Jose Lassaga

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  • Hi GMC! I’m back.
    For this lesson I’ve prepared a few phrases in Dorian Mode. As you may know this mode is the 2nd degree of major scale. It is a minor mode that sounds pretty major, because it has 1 2 3b 4 5 6 7b. This scale sounds funky and bluesy. Many guitarist use Dorian mode in their solos, such as Vaughan, Santana, Eric Johnson, among others.
    In this lesson we’ll use Em Dorian, Em blues sclae and Em arpegio. The chord progresión is:

    //: Em7 / G A7 / Em7 / G A7 ://

    The E Dorian scale is E F# G A B C# D. As I told you before is like a D Major scale but starting from it’s second degree.Enjoy the lesson! See you!

    E Dorian Minor:

    E Blues Scale:

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