Interval Series - Diatonic 7ths

by Pedja Simovic

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  • Hello GMC!

    Welcome to another Interval Series lesson. Today we are covering Diatonic 7ths.

    In major and minor scales, we have two types of Diatonic 7th intervals; Major and Minor.
    Major 7th interval
    is 11 half steps away or 5 whole steps and 1 half step.
    Minor 7th interval
    is 10 half steps away or 5 whole steps.

    Now that we have covered the basics, let me tell you couple of things about the lesson.
    I choose to stack Diatonic 7ths one after another to create some sort of 3 note chords. These 3 note chords are not Major, Minor, Diminished or Augmented simply because there is too much gap between the notes. We are also missing the key note in each chord which is type of 3rd that determines the chord quality. What happened instead was I got chords that have type of 7th and 13th in them (F E D = F root, E 7th and D 13th) but bass line filled in the rest of the notes!

    Backing track is at 150bpm and uses 3/4 (Jazz waltz feel). There are couple of modulations in this short piece I created. I strongly encourage and advise you to watch spoken video (Video 1) to get complete grasp for this lesson.

    For this lesson I used my custom built guitar going into POD X3 Live into Nuendo. Effect I used was Treadplate. Let me know if you like it, I can send it to you.

    After you finish this lesson you should be able to:

    - Understand importance of intervals of diatonic 7ths

    - Use 7ths to spice up your basic 3 note chords

    - Use 7ths into your soloing or line writing

    - Use 7ths into your original arrangements!

    - Learn how to play non adjacent strings using fingerstyle technique

    - Get a feel of 3/4 time signature

    - Explore Jazz harmony and theory

    For conclusion of this lesson, I advise you to improvise over the backing track and have fun with it.

    I look forward to your feedback and feel free to ask any questions via forum or private message.

    Have fun with this one !


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