Funky Riffing Lesson

by Ivan Milenkovic

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  • Hello GMC. Welcome to my first guitar lesson! We have some funky riffs and licks to learn today.

    During the funk era there were many bands and musician playing some really tight grooves. Here`s a little riff that is based on a classic funky groove. Lets get it on!

    The main theme is played using the E minor scale and C5, B5, and A5 for changes. E7 and E9 chords are derived from E mixolydian scale. Every part has a repetitive funky theme with 4 different licks that you can incorporate into your own style.

    When doing a riff like this, rhythm is essential. Try to feel that groove. When you finish this lesson hopefully you can capture some of the funk magic of your own using these techniques. See you soon with more funk to come!

    For this lesson I used:
    middle single pickup - marshall clean channel (with some crunch and reverb) - celestion 30 speaker cabinet emulation.

    This lesson is utilizing:

    - right and left hand muting
    - right hand strumming
    - funky chords and licks

    Eminor Scale Sheet.jpg

    Emixolydian Scale Sheet.jpg
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