Alternate Picking Chops

by David Wallimann

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  • This lesson is an alternate picking study that will help you develop strong picking chops. There is only one rule here to remember: use alternate picking only!

    The key of the song is E Dorian. We will use 4 different scale patterns here:

    C# Locrian, D Ionian, E Dorian and F# Phrygian.

    These scales are all related to each other as they all use the same notes.

    Make sure to study the examples very slowly. Speed will come automatically without thinking about it. If you start thinking in terms of speed, that's when you get nervous and mess things up. So remember, practice slowly and breathe!

    Good luck and keep rockin'!

    Csharp Locrian.jpg

    D Ionian.jpg

    E Dorian.jpg

    Fsharp Phrygian.jpg
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