Canon in D - Blues Lesson

by Ivan Milenkovic

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  • Hi fellow GMC'ers, today we will learn something very familiar but with a different feel to it. It is the famous piece "Pachelbel's Canon" or simply "Canon In D" in an arrangement for blues electric guitar! :)

    As you may know, on the web you can find many versions of Canon In D, especially versions of JerryC's arrangement. Well I've tried to do something similar but very different. ;) We will be doing a blues version of Pachelbel's Canon and as we go through this (at first glance trivial) lesson, I will reveal how we can take a classical piece and turn it into a bluesy one.

    By the end of the lesson I hope you will have enough knowledge to try to make your own blues arrangements of any composition, regardless of its progression. Also we will learn how to utilize our scale knowledge to create a bluesy solo over, in this case, a very classical progression.

    This lesson contains:

    - "Canon in D" composition arranged for blues guitar
    - Blues arranging tips
    - Smooth blues licks

    Sound: Neck single pickup, Fender Tweed emulation, touch of cavernous reverb.

    d major blues.jpg

    D major pentatonic.jpg

    D major scale.jpg
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