Acid Bath

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Acid Bath
Acid Bath

Acid Bath was born Louisana in the year 1991 and lasted to 1997. The band was formed together by two already existing bands called Golgotha and Dark Karnival. Their sound mainly comprised of hardcore and death metal which sooned coined a term called death rock.

Acid Bath takes many of its influences from such bands as Black Sabbath, David Bowie, Alice Cooper, Celtic Frost, Carcass, Darkthrone.

After two studio albums, Acid Bath's career came to an abrupt close in 1997 when bass guitarist Audie Pitre(Bassist) and his parents were killed by a drunk driver. However the band broke up due to severe drug use claimed former band mates. The band played gigs after the death of Audie but there was so much drug use going on which contributed to a lot of the lyrics be mainly composed around the subject of drugs and death they couldn't keep the band together any longer and had to split the band up.

Their underground following is so huge the band release demos that were created between the years of 1993 - 1996. A great band to say the leaset that was very expiermental with a new sound. Lets hope a reunion is around the corner.


Dax Riggs - Vocals

Sammy Duet - Guitar

Mike Sanchez - Guitar

Joseph Fontenot - Bass

Jimmy Kyle - Drums

Audie Pitre - Bass

Tommy Viator - Keyboards


When the Kite String Pops 1994

Paegan Terrorism Tactics 1996

Demos: 1993-1996 2005



Scream of The Butterfly

what color is death?