Amorphis - Silent Waters Review

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Amorphis - Silent Waters
Amorphis - Silent Waters


General Information

Original Author: The Uncreator

Artist: Amorphis

Album: Silent Waters

Genre: Progressive Metal


01. Weaving The Incantation
02. A Servant
03. Silent Waters
04. Towards And Against
05. I Of Crimson Blood
06. Her Alone
07. Enigma
08. Shaman
09. The White Swan
10. Black River
11. Sign


Its been nearly 2 years since i picked up an Amorphis album, and i truly regret it. When i saw there newest album hit shelves, i knew i had to pick it up. Amorphis deliver as always with its unique brand of Progressive Metal with some Death Metal aspects, like the singers very good ability to deliver some awesome growls. This is a great album through and through, a dark and often times haunting sound creeps through your speakers every time you hear this album.


Esa Holopainen and Tomi Koivusaari are a unique guitar duo. Amorphis rhythms are something of an oddity to me, bordering often times on several different genre sounds at once. Nevertheless this makes them more interesting to me. The sound of the guitars is a key part in Amorphis for me, its very dark on this album, like a monsterous beast slowing beating its way towards its destination, The rhythms are heavy, but not like Nile heavy or anything, there slower, and they chug along with a heavy tone that bears down on you, all in a good away. Esa Holopainen is also a very talented lead player, more focused on the atmosphere of melodies, than balls out speed or anything (although he can play pretty fast). His solo's, and his leads are just...well i dont know a word for them. Catchy for sure, but im thinking of something along the lines of....Space like. It just gave me the feeling of free-floating looking down on earth, i know it sounds weirds, but it was a wonderful feeling


Most of the time, fairly audible. But over the years i have learned to pick out the bass no matter how much someone tries to hide it, So no problem here Niclas Etelavuori is a solid bass player, and i give him credit for having a cool tone. It follows the guitars as usual, ocassionally offering a counter melody to give a little something extra to the song, nothing outstanding or amazing, but it does its job, and does it well.


Santeri Kallio is a great drummer, ive seen some really cool work from him in Amorphis, but he doesnt perform his best on this album, not to say that its bad or anything, just not his best. His style reminds me of a Heavy, dark, demented jazz drummer who is traveling with a metal band. (Does that make any sense? ) Anyway, the drums keep there pace, do there work, and do it without flaw. It supports the band well, and provides an unshaking foundation.


God how i love Tomi Joutsen's voice. He is an exceptional and underrated vocalists in Metal. He has got amazing clean vocals and some great growls. And he uses the two perfectly. for this album, its about 70% Clean vocals, and 30% growls, so if you arent use to growls yet, this album should ease you into them. Joutsen knows how to make lyrics speak, i know what youre thinking, "If you sing them, arent you Speaking them?"...Well there is a difference, he makes them speak (you see how serious i am cause i used italics ). Not just sing them, but he gets the story to come alive. He is what i refer to as a singer with a Storyteller voice, a voice that is perfect for telling a story, or conveying a message that can speak to individuals. Just, magnificent.


Fantastic, some of the best from Amorphis. Im fairly sure the songs are all connected, and they all tell a great story, and the use of explaining simple actions a person does in a dramatic way adds a very ominous touch to them.

From "Weaving The Incantation"

A mind dejected, Blood boiling with anger
The storm of the warpath, Now sings in my heart
Your pleadings useless, I now shall disregard
I'll leave you to weep, And to fear for me

Im ready for my end
My hair i comb down
With resin into braids
Im ready to ascend
My will burning high
Summon strength from the night

From "A Servant"

What was denied from poor
I thought to be riches
I run for them there and then
it made me take my due
To death id plunge with joy
My happiness to claim
I am prepared to face the war
Under the black soil

I am righteous if i so desire
until i reveal my worth
And take to myself
What was denied from me
I stalked them in there celebrations
I delved into there worlds
I aimed at the highest of the high
And decided it mine to take

From "Her Alone"

''Only one can make me do my good deeds
Only one and the shadow of that one
Only one can make me do my evil deeds
Only one and the shadow of that one

Her alone i will lend my ear to
Only here i will obey
Her alone i will always want to serve
Only her i will defy

Only one can make me wage my wars
Only one and the shadow of that one
Only one can make me do all my deeds
Only one and the shadow of that one

My understanding under her advice
Birth of my knowing under her advice
My desires i fulfill by revolting

Overall Impression

A more than worthwhile album for fans of Progressive music. A dark, mysterious and haunting journey through the minds of Amorphis with awesome guitar work and an amazing vocalists. What are you waiting for? Go swim in the Silent Waters.