Arch Enemy - Rise Of The Tyrant Review

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Arch Enemy - Rise Of The Tyrant
Arch Enemy - Rise Of The Tyrant


General Information

Original Author: The Uncreator

Artist: Arch Enemy

Album: Rise Of The Tyrant

Genre: Melodic Death Metal


01. Blood On Your Hands
02. The Last Enemy
03. I Will Live Again
04. In This Shallow Grave
05. Revolution Begins
06. Rise Of The Tyrant
07. The Day You Died
08. Intermezzo Liberte
09. Night Falls Fast
10. The Great Darkness
11. Vultures


Perhaps the best sound of any Arch Enemy album, wait, not perhaps, absolutley the best sound of any Arch Enemy album, 'Rise Of The Tyrant' is a metal masterpiece, long have i waited for the new Arch Enemy Album, was it worth it? read and find out, although i think you already know.


Amazing, fantastic, what else but these? Im extremely happy to see Christopher Amott back in the lineup, The Amott brothers form one of my favorite guitar duos, second only to Dave Murray and Adrian Smith. Anyway, there performance is amazing, Christopher solo's are just mindbowng, they really show his enthusiams for being back in the band, they are full of energy and are just beautiful, from his shred fests to his melodys that just soar in harmony along with his brother. and of course Michaels solo's are awesome, he has an amazing sense of melody and it really shows in his lead playing, "Blood On Your Hands" and "The Last Enemy" both have amazing themes to them, And of course the RIFFS!! Well simply put they are heavy as can be. "The Last Enemy" has one of the heaviest riffs ive ever heard, "Blood ON Your Hands" is an amazing feat of speed riffage, "Night Falls Fast" has some beautiful neoclassical stuff in it, the album is perfect. If you liked any other previous Arch Enemy albums, you will LOVE this one.


Sharlee D'Angelo, great bass player, his bass sound reminds me of something like steel being beat on by a gigantic hammer, in a good way of course, he has pummeling bass lines that drive the songs ever further into the realm of heavy. Phenomenal bass playing, nothing else will Suffice.


Daniel Erlandson, apparently can only get better and faster by multiples of 10 with each album that is released, the drumming on this album is just great. The double bass sounds amazing and is of course, fast as hell, like a .50 Calibur machine gun mowing down its enemies. Much like the bass, it makes the record even heavier, and the sound is just gargantuan.


God i love Angela Gossows vocals so much, she has the best growls ive ever heard, my favorite (along with Mr. Akerfeldt of course ). They vocals on this album are raw and pure, they sound like her live vocals, and besides some backup vocals from Michael Amott and some reverb in a few parts, the vocals are just her straight recorded to disk, no layering of the vocals, which they did on some previous releases, raw and heavy. Godly performance.


Another place where Angela Gossow excells amazingly, she writes the majority of the lyrics along with Michael Amott. And they are just powerful inspiring.

From 'The Last Enemy'

Fearless on my final quest
Find truth beyond the flesh
Fleeting past my dreams and unfulfilled desires
My strength unwavering
My journey just beginning
A desperate race through the corridors of hell

Chaos Emerges - Surrender I Will Not

The Last Enemy Is Falling
Here I Am - To Conquer Death Itself
The Last Enemy Is Falling
Here I Stand - To Conquer Death Itself

From 'Revolution Begins'

Since the day that you were born the wheels are in motion
Tunring ever faster - Play your part in the big machine
The stage is set, The road is chosen
Your fate preordained
We are watching you - Every step of the way

Never too late to stand your ground - Revolution begins
In you - In Me - Revolution!

Once lost - Lost in there game
Mental chains breaking now
Set yourself free
Who are they to tell you what to do?
The stage is not set, The road is not chosen
Your fate not preordained
They are losing control - Every step of your way

From 'Night Falls Fast'

The earth is losing its light
Night falls fast
Watch the dying sun
We Are lost

No angels dare to land
In this hell of mankinds making
Buried all beauty in our foulness
Nature begins to shine its fury

Overall Impression

An album beyond the scale of any measurement, Arch Enemy have put out there best album to date. Riffs beyond heavy, fast, and with the utmost beautiful melodies, and Solos of speed and shred, to the slower melodic ones with phrasing uncomparable to any other musician, an unique album, if you love heavy, you love 'Rise Of The Tyrant'.

Editorial note: published 1 Oct 2007