Arsis - We Are The Nightmare Review

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Arsis - We Are The Nightmare
Arsis - We Are The Nightmare


General Information

Original Author: The Uncreator

Artist: Arsis

Album: We Are The Nightmare

Genre: Technical/ Melodic Death


01. We Are The Nightmare
02. Shattering The Spell
03. Sightless Wisdom
04. Servants To The Night
05. Failing Winds Of A Hopeless Greed
06. Overthrown
07. Progressive Entrapment
08. A Feast For The Liar's Tongue
09. My Oath To Madness
10. Failure's Conquest


This album caught me completely off guard, I was not expecting the monstrous atmosphere this album gives off. Its relentless in its approach, All the Musicians, from vocals to guitars, bass and drums, are performed, mixed, and created perfectly in an amazing atmosphere.


The riffs are a contagion of brilliant composition, and the solo's are a gods work at hand. Every song is amazingly brutal, while still being melodic and beautiful. The title track alone is reason enough to buy this album, One of the best album openers this year by far. As each song progresses you get sucked in more and more. Tracks 4, 5 and 6 all start out with a flurry of notes showcasing perfect control over the guitar, to create a hypnotic opening solo. By far, some of the best Guitar Wizardry I've ever heard, these guys have gone far to overlooked, their skills are up there with the greats themselves like [Steve Vai], Petrucci, and Satch. Perfectly done.


The ONLY flaw on this album, and a minor flaw at that, Basically its just playing along to the rhythm guitar and most of the time gets lost in the mix, Nothing really else to say about it.


Superior drumming, He has a very progressive style similar to Mike Portnoy or Martin Menendez. Super solid grooves, excellent use of blast beats, they dont get annoying with him, and awesome gatling gun double bass sear through this record. Maybe, Just maybe the best drumming on any album released this year (or even last). If you like your drums fast, technical, but still with a superb sense of groove and rhythm, then you shall not be dissapointed.


Also done by one of the lead guitarist ( Which makes him even more talented in my book ), The screams and growls on this album are just fantastic. Very similar to Ensiferum (With Jari on vocals) or Wintersun, With some added growls, and you get a very dynamic and tone-excellent set of vocals they spew forth so violently your blood will turn cold and coagulate.


Just damn cool, I really like them, they are just fun to hear and listen to. They are vivid and creative, I thought they just added to an already near perfect album. To make it even cooler, Im fairly sure these lyrics all follow a story.

From "We Are The Nightmare"

Two figures ride towards the sunset.
Searching for truth, only one shall return.
Bring it down, tonight.
Reprisal for our loss.
We are the nightmare, the chosen silence.
We are the night.

Three words to praise the reached.
Those wretched eyes of the drowning man.
This timeless lie won't stand.
This timeless lie won't stand.
Caught in the dream of this midnight stare.
These are our past sins, we are the nightmare.
When shame and deceit lay too close to me...
This was your worse sin, now it's my nightmare.

From "Progressive Entrapment"

You are the tightrope,
that is strung about my neck.
The hope of failed wishes,
that haunts and dwells upon the grounds.

And may the pain help me to see
the truth of nights' atrocities,
and the way to make you suffer.

I saw the coming of you, I saw the signs.
Your presence was progressive entrapment.
Follow the vicious circle, all life denied.
Your presence was progressive entrapment.

Flowing like a river of greed,
thick with the hopes of blinded mortals.
And although our lives are entombed by prose
this one last wish now lays far beneath the rose.

I saw the coming of you, I saw the signs.
Your presence was progressive entrapment.
Follow the vicious circle, all life denied.
Your presence was progressive entrapment.

For fear of blindness, three words to trap us.
And your presence was progressive entrapment.

Overall Impression

A fantastic, Phenomenal, Outstanding, Magical album full of incredible riffs, some of the best guitar heroics I've ever heard, Incredible drumming, Demonic screams, and some 'Nightmarish' lyrics. This is more than a buy, this is one I'll frame.