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Today we are gonna try create a solo around the A Minor Pentatonic Scale.

The most common pattern used for soloing and the first I learnt. Notice that the first note of the scale is the 'A' note. Below the scale is in the key of A. Memorize this pattern, it will help a lot.


Moving the box

We are gonna move it up to the 12 fret, where it repeats the same way. Using these notes, we can create some wicked licks.


Let's begin with a Rock Cliche, an upward full bend '/' and then a roll of the index finger, I have marked with 'R'. Use the third finger to bend up the 14th note, back it up with the support of the index and middle and bring it down cleanly. Mute the lower sounding strings lightly with your right hand. In the downward release of the bend position, move the index to the 12th B String and playing the notes downward rolling the index finger across them letting the notes ring together but cleanly. If notes are just below or above the previous note, rather than jumping the finger (slowing you down), roll it, the angle of the finger will just need slight changing. This is a great speed improvement, once you get the hang of it!

Hammer-on and Pull-offs

In the next bit, there are some Hammer-on and Pull-offs marked 'H' and 'P'. Rather than picking these note, you want to hammer on your pinkie finger to the 15th, while the index is still archored on the 12th. Pull off in a slightly downward motion to get a loud sounding note.

The final notes are vibrato '~', a rapid series of small bends and releases, giving much more sustain and excitment to your solo. The side of the knuckle of your first finger should be pressing against the guitar. Rapidly move the note up and down, it is usually played by moving the wrist away from the neck and back towards it, much like turning a doorknob severnal times in a quick succession.



Finger tapping

To end the lick, add in some finger tapping. Depending on how you hold the pick, I use the middle finger to tap. Without picking any notes except for the first one, tap the 17th note with your right hand finger, pulling off at an upward angle, followed by the hammer-ons and pull-offs from the left hand, pulling off downward for them. Repeat the same pattern quickly twice, then move down the neck.



Finish off the lick with a strong vibrato with bend! Be sure to reach the highest pitch intended for the bend before releasing the pressure slightly. Then increase the pressure again to return the note to it's original bend pitch. Repeat rapidly.

Practice and play it all together, slowly at first. It is a quick lick using vibrato and long bends for breathers rather than using too many pauses. Most solos will have some type of pausing in them. Try make up your own, remember to use just the notes around the scale or switch scales.

Feel free to ask questions or add to and improve the solo / techniques.

Originally by Azzaboi