Behringer Hellbabe Review

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The Behringer HB-01
The Behringer HB-01



Original author: Trond Vold
Weapon: Pedal
Make: Behringer
Model: HB-01
Price: $40-$60

Some info from the Behringer page

- Multi-functional Wah-Wah pedal—offers everything you need for all styles and sounds
- This BEHRINGER product has been designed to compete head to head with leading products on the market.
- Total optical control for wear-and-tear-free pedal operation (no mechanical pots and switches)
- Unique spring-back pedal mechanism with resistance adjustment for ultimate playing style (option to remove)
- Heel-down frequency range freely adjustable via Range control (440 Hz to 250 Hz) for use even with bass guitars
- Additional Fine Tune control allows high-end extension of sweep range for incredibly bright, ultra-present tone
- Ultra-musical Q control for precise filter shaping to achieve vocal-like effects
- Tunable boost function including On/Off switch to push your licks up to the limit
- Dual LED indicators for Effect On/Off and Boost On/Off at the tail of the pedal for total control
- Ultra-low noise circuitry for outstanding audio performance


It looks like a wah and it feels like a wah, but you notice quickly that it's not built as sturdy as a Morley. It's all very plastic. In other words, it's not a piece of equipment that would survive heavy gigging and touring, but should be good enough for normal home usage and learning purposes. There's a few adjustment controls placed around it, like a main range controller and boost switch on the right side, and 3 small controllers for boost level, q, and fine tune on the left side. The controllers are good enough, but the main problem here is the boost switch which is one of the clumbsiet excuses for a button i've seen. It hangs and gets stuck and you have to pull it out. This isnt just a problem on my unit, but apparantly on most. 4/10


There's quite some noise going around when used on clean sounds, especially with the boost-button pressed in, but for distorted leads its passable. You can adjust the noiselevel on clean sounds down, but then you have to re-adjust it to be usable for leads again. Expect to re-adjust the controls alot to get what you want. But it is possible to get good sounds. 5/10.


I didnt expect much of it really, and althought it cant really compare to the Dunlop Crybaby or the Morley i used to have, i still found it to be usable, and I can safely recommend it to people who has never used and wah before and wants to try one and learn the basic wah-usage without dishing up the $'s a real Dunlop, Morley or Vox would cost. 5/10

Overall grades:

Appearance: 4/10
Sound: 5/10
Overall: 5/10