Behringer TU300

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General Information

Original Author: MonkeyDAthos

Weapon: Chromatic Tuner Pedal

Make: Behringer

Model: Behringer TU300

Price: Around 20Euros/26 USD


TU300 works for both guitar and bass and has over 7 different tuning modes:

Regular guitar
Flat Guitar
Double Flat Guitar
Regular Bass
Flat Bass
Double Flat Bass
Chromatic Tuner

Tu300 also features a 7-segment LED and 11-point Stream Meter which guarantees accurate tuning. It has a mute/bypass function in case you don't want to hear your guitar/bass while tunning.

As most pedals, TU300 runs with a 9v battery as power supply


Well, I don't own this pedal, infact it's my bassist's, and I was amazed. I mean I'm not fan of Behringer, but I believe this is better than wasting twice the price for a Boss Chromatic Tuner.

It works perfectly, we tried tuning both our guitar and bass and we were successful.

But TU300 also has a bad side, 1st the intense blue light when you turn on the pedal, next to the note screen of the TU300, if you are in a dark room you might have a hard time to see to what note you are in, the other drawback is the time, comparing to BOSS Chromatic pedals the Behringer TU300, takes away more time to detect the notes.

About its reliability and durability, well it survived the first week user posted image and unless you mess up the pedal or run out of battery it won't let you down.


Ease of Use: 10

Time Wasted to Detect Notes : 6

Durability/Reliability: 10

Total: 8,6