Blood Freak- Sleaze Merchants Review

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Blood Freak- Sleaze Merchants
Blood Freak- Sleaze Merchants


General Information

Original Author: VinceG

Artist: Blood Freak

Album: Sleaze Merchants

Genre: Psychadelic Grind

Record Label: Razorback Records


Razorback Records had been comming out with death and grind bands for the pure purpose of Grindhouse flicks from the 70's and 80's. Blood Freak is one of those grind bands that keep the genre true to the bone and alive in the underground world. There like Repulsion of the 21st century which is a huge complement.

The band itself is straight up Grind. Catchy riffs, menacing psychadelic solo's, and choruses that chants like hardcore punk. This really brings out the inner gore lovers in all of us. Before the songs starts there are some Grindhouse sound clips to behold our ears to. This is the band that bringing back Grind music the way it was created. None of that br00tl crap that grindcore bands are infamouse for nowadays. The vocals range from deep "zombie" gutteral sound to pitch shifting. Sounds terrifyingly excellent. Get this, they actually hire an artist to draw that beautiful art cover for them. As you may know, grindcore only has those really pittiful "obscure" gore scense on the front cover like they got that picture from


Overall this album was a music to behold, it keeps your head banging from start to finish. Its like a soundtrack on the road if you cant watch those Grindhouse movies because it gives you that kind of feeling.


10 out of 10. Buy it, its not gonna harm you.