Blotted Science - Machinations Of Dementia Review

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Blotted Science - Machinations Of Dementia
Blotted Science - Machinations Of Dementia


General Information

Original Author: OrganisedConfusion

Artist: Blotted Science

Album: Machinations Of Dementia

Genre: Instrumental Extreme Prog Metal


01. Synaptic Plasticity
02. Laser Lobotomy
03. Brain Fingerprinting
04. Oscillation Cycles
05. Activation Synthesis Theory
I. Is There A Dead Guy Under The Bed?
II. Monsters In My Closet
III. Flight In Space
IV. Spiderchase
V. Suffocation
VI. Quicksand
06. REM
07. Night Terror
08. Bleeding In The Brain
09. Vegetation
10. Narcolepsy
11. EEG Tracings
12. Sleep Deprivation
13. The Insomniac
14. Amnesia
15. Adenosine Breakdown
16. Adenosine Buildup


This is kind of a super group of sorts that was created for this album including Ron Jarzombek of Watchtower and Spastic Ink and recently toured Europe with Marty Friedman on bass. Alongside him were Alex Webster from Cannibal Corpse and Hate Eternal and behind the drum kit was the insane drummer Charlie Zeleny who is part of Behold...The Arctopus who are an awesome extreme metal band and he also tours with Jordan Rudess (Keyboard for Dream Theater)


You can't fail to be impressed with the recording that was produced and mixed by Ron Jarzombek and mastered by Danish studio runner Jacob Hansen who has mastered Volbeat, Destruction and Raunchy at Hansen Studios. The sound is perfect for an instrumental album like this and has some really nice musical landscapes especially in the first song Synaptic Plasticity before hitting the listener with a powerful blindingly quick riff and a usual crazy Watchtower like solo. This carries on throughout the length of the album and every part blends in beautifully and is mixed to perfection. 9/10


The guitar is insane and in my opinion he is one of the best guitarists in the world. Laser Lobotomy intro riff is beautifully created and has a really hard edge whilst being melodic and he really uses every style and uses weird effects in places to great effect. It has some really killer riffs throughout the album and some of these that stand out can be found in REM and Night Terror. He really creates a mood for the listener and really keeps you wanting more. 9.5/10


For those that don't know Alex Webster you only have to listen to the bass on Cannibal Corpse songs to realise how sick the guy is on bass. He is a bass playing machine and he doesn't fail to impress in this release. He adds lots to the guitar work and does some really thunderous basslines that just make you want to bang your head along and go crazy. They have recorded the bass with a really rough raw edge and this shines through with the impeccable guitaring. The best bass is at the end of Laser Lobotomy with a really clean tone and a beautiful melody. Bassists will find plenty of enjoyment listening to his genius. 9/10


I had to give this a 10 as it is absolutely gobsmacking. From intense blast beats to intricate touches and jazz influences the guy is the perfect drummer for this band. He had replaced two prior drummers that the band had and these were the Nile and Hate Eternal drummers so he had a lot to live up to and I think he betters the two. His style can be mixed to anything and the weird time signatures of the pieces are very tastefully drummed. For those that don't know Charlie Zeleny's work then check out the Behold...The Arctopus myspace and be thoroughily blown away. A true drum showcase on this album. 10/10


It is an instrumental album so there are no vocals and this is what may put a few extreme metal fans off but get a few fans who don'tenjoy the screaming, ear bursting vocals of the great extreme acts like Necrophagist and Odious Mortem etc. N/A


This is why the score for the overall album isn't as high as eventually the album does seem to drag but in two listens it is perfect and people who don't like screamed vocals will definitely find pleasure in this release. It is an incredible musicians album and showcases the talents of the 3 guys. I'd check it out if you're into your extreme metal as you may not find a better instrumental extreme metal album. 8/10