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Ronald Belford Scott AKA Bon Scott

Ronald was born on the 9th of July in 1946, and no one even had a clue, about what he was going to do for rock music. Like Angus and Malcolm young, from his most popular band AC/DC, Bon was born in Scotland, in Kirrimuir to be precise. When Bon was six, he and his family moved to Melbourne, Australia. It was at primary school where Ronald got his nickname. There was already a boy named "Ronald" in his class, and because Scott came from "bonnie" Scotland, so he quickly became known as Bon Scott. When Bon reached the age of 10, he moved to Fremantle and joined the Fremantle Scots Pipe Band, this is where he learned to play the drums. When Bon was 15 he dropped out of school and had several job's and he even had to spent 9 months in Juvenile. Bon was 18 when he formed his first band, the Spektors, where he played drum's and sang on ocassion. Two years after the forming of the Spektors, the Spektors emerged with the Winstons and formed the Valentines. The Valentines had a big hit with 'Everyday I have to cry' and 'Build me up buttercup'. The Valentines were a bit of a bubblegum-pop band. The Valentines disbanded in 1970, the causes were artistic differences, after a big drug-scandal. That same year, Bon moved to Adelaide and joined prog-rock band The Fraternity. A funny fact is, that when The Fraternity toured the UK in 1971, they played as support acts for Status Quo and Geordie. The lead singer from Geordie, Brian Johnson, became AC/DC's lead singer after Bon's tragic death. In 1973, when Fraternity became unstable, Bon started singing for another band. One day, after a band rehearsal, Bon suffered serious injuries from a motorcycle accident and he left the band.

The Bon Scott era

In 1974, Bon worked as a bus-driver and this is where he met the touring AC/DC. In September of that year, Bon replaced AC/DC's singer Dave Evans because Dave was too 'Glam' for the 100% rock 'n roll band. AC/DC released their first LP in February 1975, called 'High Voltage'. After the 'High Voltage' success, AC/DC released more LP's such as: 'Dirty deed's done dirt cheap" and 'TNT'.

Bon's tragic death

It was the 20th of February, 1980. No one knew, that rock was about to suffer it's greatest loss. Bon was 33 when he passed out after a night of heavy drinking. Bon was put in a car by owned by an acquaintance called Kinnear, and the next morning Bon was found lifeless by Kinnear. Kinnear rushed Bon to the hospital. He was dead on arrival. Shortly after his death, AC/DC thought about quitting but realised that Bon would've wanted that AC/DC went on. With this in mind AC/DC hired Brian Johnson as their new vocalist. Five months after Scott's death, AC/DC recorded Back in Black as a tribute to him. Two tracks from the album, "Hells Bells" and "Back in Black" were also dedicated to his memory. Back in Black is the second most sold album in the world.