Boris - Boris At Last-feedbacker Review

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Boris - Boris At Last-feedbacker
Boris - Boris At Last-feedbacker

General Information

Original Author: VinceG

Artist: Boris

Album: Boris At Last - Feedbacker

Genre: Drone

Origin: Japan


At first glance to the world of Drone, bands like Boris, Sunn O))), and Earth are the top names for the genre. Drone is a minimalist kind of music revolving around atmosphere more than the actual music itself. Usually, the use of feedback and very slow riffs can be heard in such a genre.

Feedbacker is a Drone Epic masterpiece. The songs are divided into 5 piEces but it is meant to be listened as a one track album. Boris' use of melnacholy atmosphere is very artistic. The way the strings resonate and break is masterfully done. And the use of feedback that could last forever really drags you into the music. Watas solos have a psychadelic feel to them. The drums are very subtle, just enough to keep a beat. And the bass use of is similar to guitar, the use of chords and feedback is used. The lyrics are in Japanese though but it doesnt stop me from enjoying them.

All in all, Boris is a dream like band who doesnt put a lot of emphasis on speed or accuracy. Its an enjoyable album if you could get pass on how slow this album is. Its just a very beautiful music.


I give it a 10 out of 10. If you want some different music then Boris might be the band for you.