Boss Bcb60 Pedalboard Review

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Boss Bcb60 Pedalboard
Boss Bcb60 Pedalboard



Original author: Ivan Milenkovic

Weapon: Pedalboard

Make: Boss

Model: Bcb60 Pedalboard

Price: $???

Hi GMC and welcome to my review of Boss BCB60 Pedalboard. First let me show you how it looks like and some features and things that go with it:


- 1 MONO input and 2 MONO outputs. (it is great that they made stero output in the case someone has stero effects, BUT i think they should put in there a stereo input also. It is not that bi gof a dela, but maybe someone wants to combine two pedalboards together. I havent met anyone so.. this is not that big of a deal

- Lightweight pedal board for transporting a range of compact pedals and effects (lightwheightet, but not very light. Some things could in my oppinion be made from alumminimum or some light plastic (maube fiberglass or carbonfiber), but hey, for that price...

- Padded interior can be customized to fit compact pedals, Twin Pedals and even wahs (Very practical stuff, although it sometimes happens that a pedal jumps out of the hole during a gig when i pushed too hard, but nothing seriously really. I just put i back on and thats that.

- Exterior made of tough, molded resin designed to withstand heavy impact ( THis molded resin is really sturdy. I think it cannot break easily. Maybe with some tools like an axe or if you put it in fire you can damage it, but besides that you pedals are safe. It is not waterproof in a way of emerging it into water, but i used to carry it around in heavy rains and snow blizzards, and it was all covered in snow, and nothing - not a single drop came in.

- Onboard 1,000mA AC adapter for powering up to 7 devices; includes all cabling (the adapter is great, very lightweight and sturdy. I`m running 4 pedals wiht it, including DD20 and it serves me nicely). It has a deacent cable length too.

-Accessories AC adaptor, Pre-cut insert x3, Spare insert x1, 8-pin parallel DC cable, L-L cable (short) x5, L-L cable (long) x3 (You get a lot of patch cables, 5 short ones and 3 long ones. I think this is really nice, the patches are very styrdy and quality-made wiht gold-plated jacks, a strong + for BOSS on this one ), Also you get serial-chained power cable for up to 7 pedals.

- Dimensions (W x D x H): 670 x 370 x 100 mm, 26-7/16 x 14-5/8 x 3-15/16 in.

- Weight: 3.8 kg, 8 lbs. 6 oz


(1-unusable crap; 10-you can get easier than this) Strong 9

I owned before this a custom made pedalboard, but i couldn`t change the effects quickly and easily. This baby does it all. You can switch your setups with no problems practicaly. Just put a pedal in a padded interior, change the patche cables and that`s it. I bought this one for gigs and it really serves me well. You can get eny easier than this for this price, jsut put it on stage, open and remove the top and bam - you`re ready. If you want to change some cabling you can unscrew 4 handscrews (you don`t need a screwdriver for these) and just do it right away. When you buy this case first thing you gotta do is cut the pading inside with a knife or a scalpel to accomodate your stompboxes. It is primarly made for Boss pedals, but you CAN put a Wah pedal (in my case crybaby 535q in there for example). THere are premade cuts for boss-sized pedals also, so you don`t even need a knife if you are using Boss effects.


(1-it sounds like s*it; 10- pristine sound quality) Strong 9 I use 4 pedals, sometimes 5 in my setup, and with boss quality patches i get NO sound loss (regarding pedalboard anyway) whatsoever. Gold-plated patch cables - it says all.


(1-terribly reliable; 10-i would use it all my life) 10 Taking in the consideration that this thing is a BOSS product made for professional gigging it is very reliable. For the price you can`t beat it. Maybe some other manufacturers have diferents models or custom made ones but i think that this really is a standard of some kind and a reference pedalboard. Very sturdy and durable. THe only thing i would change are plastic locks on the case but not that big of a deal really.


(1-it is a complete s*it; 10- it is the most greatest thing i have ever seen) 9 I play a lot on gigs and must carry all my effects with me. This thing really helps me a lot and make my life easier during gigging and also at home. It is a little bit pricey, but if you are gigging a lot and have different setups with pedals, then it sure is payoff-able.I use it with 2 Proel and 2 KSound cables, and a 4-5 of pedals, including one twin pedal, a footswitch and a 535q wah wah - all accomodated very nicely in there. THe 535q has a big pot on the giht had side but even that is not a problem for this case. It is very spacey inside, but in the same time very thin and carryable from outside. I would really change nothing on this thing besides a few little things that I will write next.


So as always to CONCLUDE:

+1 for being an almost- lifetime durable and sturdy
+1 for a great AC adapter
+1 for having quality made pathes
+1 for versatility and design
-1 for not having stereo input (not a big deal really because you can connect pedals directly-so it IS possible)
-1 for not having stronger metal locks on the casing (although they have never failed one me