Boss DS-1 Review

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Boss DS-1
Boss DS-1



Original author: ManOmule

Weapon: Distortion Pedal

Make: Boss

Model: DS-1

Price: $40 US + $15 for AC Adapter

Playing style: Any style but best suited for metal.

Time Owned: About a year


I've long owned an Ibanez TubeScreamer, and my amp does have a dirty channel, but I was never able to get that crunchy sound. not untill i bought this little pedal. It's the most basic little distortion pedal. Only has 3 dials for Tone, Level, and Distortion.


Very simplistic. Amazing tones. Can get some warm slightly distorted stuff as well as some thick and heavy crunch. Durable. low price.


There have been some reports that this pedal sounds shrill through a solid state amp. I only have a tube amp now so i can't comment on this. Like all pedals it eats 9v batteries so an AC adapter is a must.


If your going after a warm bluesey overdriven sound than this is not the pedal for you. This will get you more of a metal crunch but you can also turn the distortion knob all the way down for some more subtle distortion. After playing with this pedal i'm starting to dislike my tube screamer. The quality of sound seems so much better through this. Alot less noise, and doesn't seem to change the overall EQ of the guitar as much as my tubescreamer does. If the Boss overdrive pedal sounds as good as this one then I might replace my tubescreamer with a Boss Overdrive pedal.