Boss Giga Delay Dd-20 AudioPaal Review

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Boss Giga Delay Dd-20
Boss Giga Delay Dd-20


General Information

Original Author: Audiopaal

Weapon: Digital Delay Stomp Box

Make: Boss

Model: Giga Delay Dd-20

Price: I bought this pedal for a price of 2000,- NOK, which equals 350-400 USD.

I know there's another great review on this pedal here already, but I still wanted to give my opinion about it


7. 5

It’s a very easy pedal to use if you’re using the basics and wanting good but simple delays. Four knobs on the right side: Effect Level, Feed Back, Tone, and Mode. Knob on the right adjusts the delay time. Push knob in while turning allows for faster scrolling through the delay time. However, this can be quite the challenge if you’re in the mood to create some advanced delays and trying to get the most out of this unit. There is an endless array of sounds to get out of this box and to tweak something to your personal liking if you’re a choosy fellow, reading the manual might be useful. The manual is, by the way, very well written and explains the features nicely.



Very clean, and good sounds. As for delay it’s one of the best out there. Even though it’s digital it’s really, really good and not some harsh and cold digital delay. For the price I don't think you can beat this pedal. It's like having 5 delay pedals in one. And changing between presets is seamless.



It’s BOSS so it’s built like a brick. It looks like it could take tons of punishment and still delay your brains out Really rugged design, steel chassis and overall great build. Should last a lifetime, and I wouldn’t worry about trusting this in a live situation.



I don't think I will ever need another delay. If something happened to this one I would definitely buy it again. Great twin pedal with excellen functions made to withstand a bomb. Just watch out for battery consumption, if you’re not powering it with an adaptor.