Boss ME-70 Mini Review

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Boss ME-70
Boss ME-70

Boss ME-70 Mini Review by Fran

Boss ME-70 is a guitar multi-effect unit made by Boss, which follows the product line that released the ME-20 and ME-50

Being this a mini review I won't go deep into all its functions and knobs but rather explain why someone like me could find it useful. (You guys can read an excellent full review on the ME-70 by member Jdriver).

First and foremost the best thing of this unit is that it's packed with effects and it's simple to use.
There are many multi-fx stomps out there, but few are so straight forward to dial a tone as this one. No need to navigate complex menus. As a matter of fact, it doesn't have menus at all, just knobs!. The unit is clearly labeled with different parts that act as sepparate stomps, and can be switched on/off individually. There are four different stomps in there: Distortion /different distortion pedals to select), Modulation (Chorus, etc), Delay and Comp/Fx (Compressors, etc.). It's got an expression pedal too (wah, volume, etc)

What's great about ME-70 is that it can operate as a separate stomps pedalboard. Each of those four separate parts has its own tweaking knobs, so by all means it's as simple as tweaking a few stomps, and you are set. Need some cleans? Step on/off distortion and you got it. Need some chorus next song? Just step on it. Lovely.

I usually play at home with my tube amp and sepparate stomps, and bought the ME-70 because it's compact and easy to carry when I travel. I just take a guitar and the ME-70 and I'm set. The unit has an amp modelling section which can be turned on/off. Pretty useful when travelling to connect the ME-70 to any Hi-FI, 2.1 computer speakers or even headphones. It has an aux-in input to jam along too.

I used it along my tube amp the other day and much to my surprise it sounded pretty good. Chorus was just as great as my sepparate stomps, Delay sounded real good and even the distortions did a good job. I switched the amp modelling off when using it through my amp, so that the unit would act as a "pure" multi-fx and nothing else.

As all multi-fx units it can save up tone patches which can be instantly recalled, but I use it in manual mode, because it resembles my "real" pedalboard pretty well that way. There are a zillion effects selectable for each stomp, just turning a knob. There's also a reverb section, of course. As I said I won't go deep into all features, just take a look at Boss ME-70 page and read the specs!

Have you got one? write your mini review here!