Boss PS-6

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PS-6 Harmonist
PS-6 Harmonist


General Information

Original Author: MonkeyDAthos

Weapon: Harmonizer Pedal

Make: Boss

Model: Boss PS-6

Price: Around 149Euros/195 USD


A bit tricky, I recommend that you have a plan if you use it on a gig.

The PS-6 has 4 knobs: Balance, Shift, Fall Time, and Mode.

Balance, controls the blends directly as well as the effect signal. It also serves to rise time while you are in Super Bend mode.

Shift, controls the pitch shift intervals, and also haa a function as voice harmony, that ables you to play a lick or a song with 2 or more guitar harmonies using only one.

Fall Time, controls the sets of key signature chromatically from C to B.

Mode, controls the phaser shift, a detuner and super bend mode, it also works as scale selector (Major/Minor).

For a better understanding of the PS-6, I recommend that you read its correspondent manual

Sound Quality

Well I played it through a Fender Standard and an Engl (don't remember which one user posted image ). I must say I was waiting for some plastic kind of sound, but it really impressed me. I used the super bend and it was wiiillld really wild and you might say that a harmonist never replaces a true guitarist, but my friend this little boy gives a real realistic sound, it felt like i was gigging with another player user posted image, really freaked me out a bit in the beginning but I truly enjoyed it, although I only used it for 15 min.


I had alot of fun with this pedal, I'm going buy it in x-mas for sure. It's a cool pedal, it may help you if your are in a band and you are the only guitarist and you are looking for some crazy stuff, harmony solos, I wouldn't say this would be a pedal to use all the time in a gig but you could take advantage of its features to bring some dynamic to the songs. I recommend it.


Ease of Use: 6

Sound Quality: 8

Versatibility: 10

Overall: 8