Boss TU-2 Mini Review

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Boss TU-2
Boss TU-2

Boss TU-2 Mini Review by Fran

A tuner is a must get for any pedal board, and TU-2 does the job so nicely.

There's nothing to look for in this stomp in terms of tone, instead the best thing I can say about it is that it's like it's not even there!, I mean it adds no noise, and sucks no tone at all out of the chain.

It works like a charm, and conveniently mutes the sound when tuning. That's also pretty handy when switching guitars, as it allows you to do so without any scratching noise or need to turn down the amp's volume at all. The pedal also has a "bypass" output which can be used in case you wish to listen to your strings while tuning.

It's accurate, built like a tank (like any other standard Boss stomp) and has bright leds and a seven segment LCD which makes it easy to tune your axe even in the dark. It has some extra options which are welcome for guitarists/bassists, such as the option to select drop tunings (flat and whole step) and change the display to show the string numbers instead of the notes. It's also possible to change the way the leds behave between "Cent" (the usual needle-style movement) and "Stream" (a flow of lights indicates pitch deviation).

One last feature, often overlooked about this unit, is that it allows to power other effects as it has DC 9V in/out jacks. Pretty handy!

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