Brain Drill - Apocalyptic Feasting Review

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Brain Drill - Apocalyptic Feasting
Brain Drill - Apocalyptic Feasting


General Information

Original Author: The Uncreator

Artist: Brain Drill

Album: Apocalyptic Feasting

Genre: Technical Death Metal


01. Gorification
02. The Parasites
03. Apocalyptic Feasting
04. Swine Slaughter
05. Force Fed Human S***
06. Consumed By The Dead
07. Revelation
08. Bury The Living
09. The Depths Of Darkness
10. Sadistic Abductive


First off I must say that, Brain Drill do not play the most accessible music in the world, And if your not already well into the more "brutal" death metal, This will probably not be your thing. However, if you love the over the top, super fast, overtly technical and melodic guitar work of bands like "Sleep Terror" or "Necrophagist", then you should love this even more so!


Once again, If your not into this kind of music, chances are it wont make sense to you. But if you have adapted to it, The millions of little subtleties that fly between each brutal riff will keep your ears fixed upon the music hour after hour. While not many solos per se, the guitar work is fulled with spastic and random runs of massive sweep and tapping/ legato harmonies that will just melt the brain, and scorch the skin!! I love the overtly and seemingly unnecessary technical guitar work filled with thousands of harmonies and super fast and heavy riffs, But am not sure if it will be everyones cup of tea.


Just as fast, unpredictable, technical, and awesome as the guitar. Brain Drill fill the album with some super solid bass playing, covering it in super fast 8 finger tapping and sweeps, the album will punish you with its bass. I havent been this impressed with a bassist since i first heard Alex Webster live, just incredibly solid, and super tight, the technique is flawless!!


No mercy here my friend, Super fast on every aspect this band is. The drums done by underground legend Lord Marco are simply some of the most technical you will ever hear, fact. From the blastbeats that sound like machine gun fire from an entire army, to the super fast and thick toned double bass, It is just pure speed all the way through. Once again this might not be for everyone and you have to really like the overtly technical style that these guys play.


The Growls are simply done gorgeously, and the high screams are some of the most evil sounding screams i have yet to hear!! "Swine Slaughter" contains a great example of this, the chorus has a high scream that is just simple the voice of hell itself. Fan of Death Metal vocals? Then you shall LOVE these vocals!


I'll be honest, This isnt why you would be buying the album, From the typical gore based lyrics and the occasional political one, its nothing that strikes me as new or original per se, But how they are sung is great. I wont really post any, cause they arent really that fantastic, Im guessing the people who get into this band will already know what to expect from this genre of Metal.

Overall Impression

Overtly fast, Unnecessarily technical, super melodic, heavy as hell, incredible drums and vocals, and phenomenal bass, this is just an incredible album start to finish, the musicianship will leave you in awe, And its just a fun album to have going on in the background, Jump in at any point in the song and something amazing is happening!