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Current REC Rank

Your current REC Rank is:
Learning Chord Basher

(Disclaimer; This is an example page, user BucketheadZ obviously does not exist, the videos should be GMC lesson takes from the user, etc.!. But it should help understand how the real History pages will look like, plus the General Score Board will link to each of these user pages user posted image)

Lesson Upload & Results History

Maiden's Style Lesson

Verdict: Level 4 Fail

Satriani Soloing

Verdict: Level 3 Pass

Buckethead Style

Verdict: Level 5 Pass

Papa Roach Riffing

Verdict: Level 9 Fail!!!



(Well, these fake videos here are added just so you guys get the picture user posted image)


- Your five highest graded passes are: 1,1,2,2,3
- Which makes for an average level of: 1.8

  • That average grants you the title of: Chord Basher

(Those numbers are made up, they should come from the 5 highest level passed veredicts from the video history up there)


-You have completed a total number of lessons of: 5

  • That number grants you the distinction of: Learning

(Those numbers are made up, they should come from the total number of passed veredicts from the video history)