Caparison TAT2 Review

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Caparison TAT2
Caparison TAT2


General Information

Original Author: OrganisedConfusion

Weapon: Caparison TAT2

Make: Caparison

Model: TAT2 (Through and Through 2)

Price: £1700 (Bought from: Sounds Great Music, Heald Green, Cheadle, UK)


Colour: Frozen Sky


Head Stock: Devil's Tail with "Through And Through" Logo/White Binding
Head Angle: 15 degrees
Machine Heads: Gotoh SG381-07 H.A.P

Neck Joint: Neck Through Body
Neck Material: Hard Maple
Neck Grip: Caparison
Fingerboard Material: Ebony
Neck Scale: 648mm (25 1/2 inch.)
Nut Width: 42mm
No. of Frets: 24 Frets
Frets: Jumbo
Nut: Schaller R2, 42mm
Position Inlay: Clock

Body Shape: TAT
Body Material: Alder
Bridge: Schaller S-FRT II

Neck Position: Caparison PH-F
Bridge Position: Caparison PH-R
Controls: Master Volume(CTS), 3Way Toggle Switch, Master Tone with Neck Pickup and Bridge Pickup Coil Split Switch(Push-Push Switch)

Head Top: Black
Body Finish: Frozen Sky
Hardware Color: Schaller-Black, Gotoh-Cosmo Black
Tuning Regular

Strings: Dean Markley NickelSteel (.009-.042)
Accessories: Hard Case(CAG-1), Adjustable Wrench

First Impression

When I was in the store I tried literally every guitar including Suhr, Caparison, Parker, Fender,Gibson, Charvel, Musicman etc. and for me the best one by far was the Caparison TAT2. You look at it and it is an amazing guitar but then you think they have covered up the fact it plays rubbish by making it look awesome, but I was astonished to find that this wasn't the case and I knew as soon as I started playing that I had to have that guitar. I also tried a Caparison Horus and was really not impressed as the neck was too square for me.I like a rounded neck but the Horus was like playing a plank of wood. The TAT2 your hand glides down the neck and it just feels great to play. It is an experience and a half. I'm gonna have to give it 9.5/10 for impression as it literally knocked me off my feet


If you want a heavy rock/metal sound then this definitely should be in your list of guitars you must own. Great pick ups with it that really do have great control and the tones it produces are truly amazing. They are quite high gain pick ups but this is perfect for those crunching sounds and to give a really full sound. Add some delay and it is astonishing the sound that comes out even from a very low quality amp. It can be used for other genres and does work well playing others but I think it was mainly made for metal and heavy rock guitarists. The clean tones it creates are great too. Very nice crisp sound when you're on clean and I know a good guitar when I play it without an amp and it has great acoustics. This is truly a magnificent and well crafted guitar. 9/10


The design of the neck makes it really nice to play and a lot of love it seems goes into all Caparison guitars. Beautiful design and a truly stunning guitar. Also it very rarely goes out of tune. It tends to stay in tune for weeks on end. This is the section that definitely gets a 10/10.


I have never had any problems with the guitar and it does me well for practicing, giging and it comes with a hardcase so it is well protected. It is my main guitar when giging and I have a Parker Nitefly M and Gibson SG alongside this and I really think the Caparison is a marvelous guitar. 9.5/10

Overall Impression

Nothing gets 10/10 in life in my opinion but this comes close to perfection. Giving it 9.5/10 is a shame but it deserves it. I'd give my SG about 8, my Parker Nitefly 8.5 but the Caparison runs away with the prize. A greatly crafted guitar and given the appropiate name of Through and Through. Every bit of the guitar is well designed and whoever gets this guitar will be very happy with their purchase. Get testing one now you won't regret it. :D