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Here is a library of chords diagrams. Green dots are root notes of the chord.

If you would like to add any chords to the library yourself then check out this tutorial on How To Make a Chord Diagram.


C Chords

Image:C_-_Open_String.jpg Image:C_-_A_Shape.jpg Image:C_-_E_Shape.jpg Image:C_-_D_Shape.jpg Image:C_-_G_Shape.jpg Image:C_-_F_Shape.jpg

C Major (C)

Db Chords

Image:Db_-_C_Shape.jpg Image:Db_-_A_Shape.jpg Image:Db_-_E_Shape.jpg Image:Db_-_D_Shape.jpg Image:Db_-_G_Shape.jpg Image:Db_-_F_Shape.jpg

Db Major (Db)

D Chords

Image:D_-_C_Shape.jpg Image:D_-_A_Shape.jpg Image:D_-_E_Shape.jpg Image:D_-_D_Shape.jpg Image:D_-_G_Shape.jpg Image:D_-_F_Shape.jpg

D Major (D)

Eb Chords

Image:Eb_-_C_Shape.jpg Image:Eb_-_A_Shape.jpg Image:Eb_-_E_Shape.jpg Image:Eb_-_D_Shape.jpg Image:Eb_-_G_Shape.jpg Image:Eb_-_F_Shape.jpg

Eb Major (Eb)

E Chords

Image:E_-_C_Shape.jpg Image:E_-_A_Shape.jpg Image:E_-_E_Shape.jpg Image:E_-_D_Shape.jpg Image:E_-_G_Shape.jpg Image:E_-_F_Shape.jpg

E Major (E)

F Chords

Image:F_-_C_Shape.jpg Image:F_-_A_Shape.jpg Image:F_-_E_Shape.jpg Image:F_-_D_Shape.jpg Image:F_-_G_Shape.jpg Image:F_-_F_Shape.jpg

F Major (F)

Gb Chords

G Chords

Ab Chords

A Chords

Bb Chords

B Chords