Chris Evans - Rock Ballad Solo SI Lesson

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Hi there, Most of you know me well enough by now I think, for those of you that don`t, you can get some background on me here

So let's jump straight into it.

This is a Rock Ballad Lesson in the Key of C and we`ll be using the C major scale, this lesson is aimed a little more at Intermediate players that are looking to improve their "feel" and "phrasing", many beginner/Intermediate guitarists focus a lot on speed playing and neglect these two very important parts. Feel & phrasing are fundamental to any good solo, with this lesson I hope to show you a little of how you can combine slow melody lines that have "feel" and "emotion" using vibrato and slides, with slightly more technical pieces to enhance and give the solo some extra touches.

The backing track is at 50BPM so its a very slow piece, the majority of it is a simple melody with some more technical parts (but not too difficult) building from the mid part to the end. Because of the slowness already of the backing a slower backing track is not provided, I will however over the next couple of days be adding a simplified solo with this backing with slower runs for beginners.


Techniques used in this lesson are :

- Vibrato
- Slides
- Alternate picking
- 3 string sweeps


C Major scale:


Main Video

Main Vid: CMajor_Rock_Ballad_Solo1.mpg ( 17.94MB )

Video 1

Video 1 : Ballad_Solo_Video_1.mpg ( 5.65MB )


Video 2

Video 2 : Ballad_Solo_Video_2.mpg ( 7.54MB )


Palm mute on the first 4 notes, the whole idea of this intro is to keep it smooth and flowing, use lots of vibrato to help with the phrasing on the notes.
A very simple intro, keep the slides definate and confident, sliding evenly from one note to the next.

Video 3

Video 3 : Ballad_Solo_Video_3.mpg ( 8.52MB )


The first run in this tab is all about the timing, you can vary up the timing in a run to give it some feature in the solo, then we move into a simple 3 string sweep sliding on the last note as smoothly as possible, accuracy is the key to getting this part correct.

Video 4

Video 4 : Ballad_Solo_Video_4.mpg ( 6.97MB )


Another 3 string sweep, these sweeps bring you into that first note nicely and not laving it all on its own. Sliding down and only picking on one of the octave chords, a quick legato run up to finish this section.

Video 5

Video 5 : Ballad_Solo_Video_5.mpg ( 8.3MB )


As with one of the previous videos timing the notes is important to accent them a little. Finishing this section with an alternate pick run down palm muting he last 6 notes of the run.

Video 6

Video 6 : Ballad_Solo_Video_6.mpg ( 9.91MB )



The bends are what gives the final section all its character, finishing with a fairly straight forward but effective alternate pick run.

Backing track

Backing track 50bpm: C_Major_ballad_50BPM_backing.mp3 ( 1.2MB )

Text Tab: Ballad_solo_lesson_tab.txt ( 2.84K )

The key to this whole lesson is how you use your vibrato along with timing to accent certain phrases within the piece, it sounds a fairly simple piece, but you`ll ned to have your bends in pitch as they will stand out if they are out of key, and a reasonably good vibrato technique, I use both arm and finger vibrato techniques throughout this whole piece to try and give it as much "feel" as possible.

I hope you`ve enjoyed this lesson

All the best,