Christophe Godin

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Christophe Godin
Christophe Godin

Christophe Godin, known for his humour and virtuosity in the jazz metal fusion genre, describes himself as a wrestler looking guitarist/singer. Projects and bands that he has worked with include Metal Kartoon, Mörglbl, 2G and Gnô. Endorsements include Vigier and Alvarez guitars, Laney amps, Zoom effects pedals and Ernie Ball strings.



Born in Annecy, France in 1968. He started playing guitar at the age of 13 after hearing Alan Holdsworth, ACDC and the first Van Halen album - all within the same week. His first work can be heard with the band Temple on their self titled album, released in 1995. The following year he contributed to Guitare Attitudes, a compilation album featuring a variety of French guitarists. This lead to his regular appearance as a guest guitarist on Nulle Part Ailleurs, a french television show. In 1997, Godin formed a "funny power-jazz-metal instrumental" band, the Mörglbl trio, together with bassist Ivan Rougny and drummer Jean-Pierre Frelézeau. They released two albums before disbanding in 2002. However, they reformed in 2005 for a summer tour and have since released another album, Grötesk (2007). Aurélien Ouzoulias is now their current drummer. He formed Gnô in 2001 with Gabriel Vegh and Peter Puke, touring throughout France until 2003. 2G was later formed; a duet with Pierrejean Gaucher where they performed Frank Zappa tunes, rearranged covers and made compositions of their own. At the same time, Christophe Godin produced his solo project, Metal Kartoon, which featured the members of Mörglbl and Jérôme Ogier on violin and keyboards.

Since 1994 Christophe Godin has been a teacher at E.T.M in Geneva, Switzerland and is a regular guest at the Music Academy International in Nancy, France. He has released one instructional video and written many articles for various guitar magazines.



Electric guitars

Vigier Excalibur Supra Kartoonette, Supra Yvette, Excalibur Custom, Excalibur Expert, Supra 7 string, Surfreter

Fender Strat, Squier Telecaster

Acoustic guitars

Alvarez Yairi 6 and 12 string, Yamaha Traveler , Vladimir Christophe acoustic guitar


Laney GH100L, VH100R, TT100, TFX 100, VC 50, Lionheart, VC15

Laney 4 x 12 Cabinets

Zoom Fire 35


Rocktron Sonick Gloryoverdrive

Zoom PowerDrive

Uncle Sound overdrive

Stevens overdrive

Badcat overdrive

Koch Pedaltone

Rocktron Tri-Wha

Dunlop Cry Baby

Onerr Cryin' wha pedal

Guyatone wha rocker

Jacques Trinity

Rocktron Deep Blue chorus

Ibanez chorus

Danelectro chorus

Badcat chorus

Jacques Meisterstringer chorus

Electro Harmonix Nano chorus

Whammy II

Presonus Blue Tube

Multi effects processors

Zoom Gt 9.2 tt
Zoom 508 delay unit
Zoom 509 modulator unit
Zoom G2
Zoom PFX-9003
Zoom 707 II
Alesis Quadraverb
Digitech IPS 33B


Early and Solo work

Temple (Krystaline Records 1995)

Guitare Attitudes rock influences (XIII Bis Records 1996)

Pour une terre sans mines (Undertown Records 1998)

Christophe Chambet - The Family (Lost Chart Records 1999)

Christophe Godin's Metal Kartoon (Les Mercenaires Associés/2005)


The Mörglbl Trio !! (IHL 1998)

Bienvenue à Mörglbl Land (IHL 1999)

Grötesk (2007)


Pierrejean Gaucher/Christophe Godin (2007)


Trash Deluxe (Janvier Records/2001)

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