Coffeeman - 5 Pentatonic Boxes For Beginners SI Lesson

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Hi guys my name is Andres Cuellar Wills.I'm from Bogota, Colombia. I guess a lot of you know me from a while now, but for those who don't here's the short story. I'm 34 years old, I started playing when I was 17 , and played for a couple of years. After about 10 years of not touching the guitar I decided to pick it up again 3 years ago. I suscribed to GMC in september 2008 and it's been awesome.

I listen to a lot of music, but am a Rock guy. My favourite guitar players are David Gilmour, Slash, Brian May, Zakk Wylde, Joe Satriani, Eddie Van Halen, Eric Johnson, Greg Howe, Guthrie Govan, and the list goes on. My favorite bands are Pink Floyd, Foo Fighters , pearl jam, alice in chains, faith no more, stone temple pilots, rage against the machine, MUSE and a lot more.

Unfortunately I don't work in the music business, but I do love my job. I have my own business of Colombian Coffee(now you know why my nickname). I'm planning on realising my first CD this year, you can listen to a couple of tracks am working on at the moment Myspace


Maybe this is the first scale we all learn. The thing is that a lot of us , learn only the first position on the minor pentatonic scale. In this lesson you will find a simple excercise to learn the 5 positions of the pentatonic scale over a cool rock backing track, we'll learn it over the G minor pentatonic scale, that way we can cover the whole neck. Let's take a look at the main video and then we'll continue explaining the whole lesson

Main video

First position

This is the first position of the G minor pentatonic scale. It's the most comon position. The first pattern is a simple scale run in 16th notes , and in the second pattern we'll repeat some notes to make it more interesting and to repeat it a lot so we can memorize it.


Second Position

This is a very important position, its the first position of the major pentatonic. In this case it sounds major cause we are playing a Bb Major chord on the backing track. We'll use the same pattern as in the previous video


Third Position

Ok we now know the two first positions, now let's take a look at third position. Same pattern. Take a good look at the fingering, of course you don't hace to do it like I do , find a comfortable way of doing it, and once you are comfortable with it, practice it up to tempo, but remeber go slowly, learn the position up and down very slow.


4Th Position

4th position, same pattern as second position starrting on the 10th fret on the high E string.


5th position

Same Pattern as 1st and 3rd position


First position one octave higher

Same pattern as positions 2, 4, and we finish with this one.


Here is the G minor pentatonic over the whole neck: G minor pentatonic scale


The lesson is in 100 Bpm , but I have provided 5 backing tracks at different tempos so you can practice it at different speeds.

SI_pentatonicbegBT_60bpm.mp3 ( 2.04MB )

SI_pentatonicbegBT_70bpm.mp3 ( 1.74MB )

SI_pentatonicbegBT_80bpm.mp3 ( 1.54MB )

SI_pentatonicbegBT_90bpm.mp3 ( 1.15MB )

SI_pentatonicbegBT_100bpm.mp3 ( 1.26MB )

Here is the guitar pro tab with the whole lesson:

Pentatonic_begginer_SI.gp5 ( 4.77K )

Although I recommend you to practice it over the BT and not over the guitar pro file, use the GP file only as a refference.

So this is it guys , I hope you enjoy the lesson. I would love to hear comments about it , and advices on how to improve for the next lessons. Keep practicing and see you around.