Coheed And Cambria- Good Apollo Im Burning Star IV Review

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Coheed And Cambria- Good Apollo Im Burning Star IV
Coheed And Cambria- Good Apollo Im Burning Star IV


General Information

Original Author: The Uncreator

Artist: Coheed And Cambria

Album: Good Apollo I'm Burning Star IV

Genre: Progressive Rock


01. Keeping The Blade
02. Always And Never
03. Welcome Home
04. Ten Speed (Of God's Blood And Burial)
05. Crossing The FrameProgressive Rock
06. Apollo I: The Writing Writer
07. Once Upon Your Dead Body
08. Wake Up
09. The Suffering
10. The Lying Lies And Dirty Secrets Of Miss Erica Court
11. Mother May I

---The Willing Well
12. I - Fuel For The Feeding Fire
13. II - From Fear Through The Eyes Of Madness
14. III - Apollo II: The Telling Truth.
15. IV - The Final Cut


9 For too long i have put Coheed And Cambria away from my CD Collection, This is my first purchase by them and i must say i am quite impressed. The sound is fresh and unique, there songs are beautiful, from the heavy Rock/ Orchestra combination to one of the most beautiful album opener ive heard, soaring with incredible violin solo's and melodies, amazing.


8 Claudio Sanchez and Trever Stever are a great guitar combination. The riffs on this album are nice break from the norm. With the beautiful acoustic work in "Always And Never" to the heavy riffs in "Welcome Home" and "Ten Speed", two of my favorite songs, the diversity should keep most enthralled in the ever evolving story of "Good Apollo....". The solos remind me of a cross between Alex Lifeson (Rush) and some other prog artists, The solos are great, original with every note, and great phrasing and technique.


9 Never heard of Michael Todd, now im pissed that i haven't discovered him earlier. Definetly one of the most talented bass players on the scene right now, i wasn't expecting this level of technicality and intricate arrangements from him, But boy was i wrong. His style is very strong, and his tone is incredible. From the quick slap-based grooves and fast melodies to the slow bass work that graces songs like Wake Up, the bass work in "Wake Up" is truly inspiring.


8 Joshua Eppard has got to be one of those few drummers in a Prog band that enjoys the simplicity of his drum set. Although the drums are simple, the sound they produce is not. They are very deep and low and Josh's style is very aggressive, and very forward, you will never think "Maybe the drums should be more noticeable" or anything like that, you usually think "Is this drummer gonna be ok?!? sounds like he just took a 6 pack of energy drinks!" i think you get my point, original and intriguing drum work.


4-8 Your first thought should be, "What the hell kind of rating is 4 to 8, thats like saying he isnt so good but he kicks ass?"....Well i did this to illustrate something. I started this album with an impression of giving him a 4, The second the last track ended, he had earned an 8. My point is you really need to let these vocals sink in. They are actually very good, very dynamic and certainly there is none like them. Well, i heard people compare him to Geddy Lee (Rush) and there are similarities, but Claudio still holds true to a unique voice, from the melancholy of "Wake Up" and "Always And Never" to the furious rockers of "The Lying Lies And Dirty Secrets Of Miss Erica Court", "Welcome Home" and "Ten Speed" once you adjust to the vocals, you will really enjoy them.


10 My absolute favorite part about Coheed And Cambria, i love Claudio's choice of words in his lyrics, some are so simple but where they are placed in the song really makes it stand out.

From "Always And Never"
If beauty sits the child's kiss
Of laughter I amend
Can you catch her if she runs?
With this I would share with you
All of this count to no end

Behind your sealed eyes you miss
All that I've done for you
Will you catch me when I run?
If timing play evident
What will you say when you're late?

Stay with me and fall asleep
Pray to God for no bad dreams

Here... I'm still waiting here, my dear
For one kiss from you
So here... I'm still waiting here, my dear
To kill all of you

From "Welcome Home"
You stormed off to scar the armada
Like Jesus played letter,
I'll drill through your hands
The stone for the curse you have blamed me
With love and devotion, I'll die as you sleep
But if you could just write me out
To neverless wonder... happy will I become
Be true that this is no option,
So with sin I condemn you
Demon play, demon out!

From "Wake Up"
I've earned through hope and faith
The curves around your face
That I'm the one you'll hold forever.
If morning never comes for either one of us,
Then this I pray to you wherever.

I'll do anything for you.
This story is for you.
'Cause I'd do anything you want me to, for you.
I'll do anything for you,
Kill anyone for you.

So leave yourself intact
'Cause I won't be coming back.
In a phrase to cut these lips,
I loved you.

From "Once Upon Your Dead Body"
Is there price to burn this paradise?
Where you left all parts that hurt to mend
If I don't stay awake
Will she come here again?
For my wish of only one last kiss

No, I hope you die right now,
Will you drink my chemical?
And if you cry out loud,
It'll only make me feel too good
Once upon your dead body

Overall Impression

8 A surprisingly great listen for me, An album full of awesome riffs, cool solo's, amazing bass work, incredible drumming, some of the best lyrics and beautiful arrangements, ive you have been putting Coheed And Cambria off, give them a second chance, i did, and im glad i did