Cort Evl X4 Review

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Cort Evl X4
Cort Evl X4


General Information

Original Author: Jakub Luptovec

Weapon: Cort Evl X4 Electric Guitar

Brand: Cort

Model: Evl X4

Price: $450 (gees.. thats for free:) )


Neck: Maple, Modern "U" Shape
Neck width: 1F: 43mm / 24F : 56mm
Neck thickness: 1F: 19mm / 12F : 21mm
Fretboard: Rosewood, 15 3/4" Radius (400mm)
Inlay: EVL Custom Inlay w/ Pentagon Circles
Tuner: Die cast
Controls: 1vol, 1tone, 3way toggle

Playing style: Playing style: Metal, Rock, Hard rock, Flamenco , Blues, Bluegrass and when I get psycho, even some Ska..


Beauty and Beast in one.. everything is made perfectly.. everything is just... METAL.. starting with color, shape, inlays on fretboard and ending with cover of neck-spring hole, covered with coffin.. Also back side of neck is painted black..

Nothing to complain.. its dead sexy..



Its made from mahogany wood so the voice of it is really bassy.. but I wanted that so I have that:) And I am satisfied:)

It has HSH combination of EMG-HZ pickups, and is equipped with push-pull button, that can change humbuckers into singles.. Its pretty versatile. My favourite setting for metal rythm is bridge humbucker, for metal leads neck humbucker, for softer music rythm middle/neck on single setting and for leads neck single setting.

I am absoluetely satisfied with its sound... for what I wanted it - metal and sometimes some blues etc.. pure perfection .


Out of the Box Setup

Everything was perfect with exception of Floyd rose - it went out of tune quite easily, but local "Guitarmaster" (how I call him) has set it up and even lowered the space between frets and string (action is it called?). He said its worth much more then what I paid.. and I agree wholeheartedly

For that FR issue, I give 9/10.


Mahogany wood, floyd rose copy (no original. .but for that money.. what you expect? ), HSH pickups EMG-HZ.. For that money.. bargain IMO..


Ease of Use

Absolute.. it is my first and still only guitar and I dont have reason to change.. it can do everything I want (if my fingers can play it, ofc..). Its action is great, it holds tuning and I can do anything I want with whammy bar..

As beginner guitar for metalhead.. its the best you can get IMO.

10 /10


You get beer opener and few stickers included for this I am adding extra 1/10 point.

Overall Impression

I am extremely happy with my guitar.. and I can strongly advice it - if you want something versatile and deadly looking.. this is your best friend.