Danelectro Pastrami Review

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Danelectro Pastrami
Danelectro Pastrami


General Information

Original Author: Trond Vold

Weapon: Danelectro Pastrami Pedal

Make: Danelectro

Model: DJ-1 Pastrami

Price: The list price is $29, but you can easily get it for $15-19 new on eBay. I got mine for $15.


It's a small little red box with 2 knobs for Level and Overdrive, and one on/off switch.. as can be seen in the pic I didn't like the input/output jack placement. The I/O's are on the top side of the pedal. But thats a minor issue, atleast for me. I think the overall design is quite cool. 7/10


Sound quality was way better than i had expected. You can get some really classic overdrive tones from this little thing. Perfect for playing Cream. It does however sound a bit thinner than the more pricey OD stompboxes. But for 15$, it flat out rocks. No noticable on/off switching noise either. 8/10 (Would have given it a 7 if it was priced more closely to the OD series from Boss).


Here's where the score drops a bit. It's plastic, and i suspect that it can be easily damaged by one too many hard stomps.

The screw for the batterycompartment on the bottom is of remarkably low quality. It's a plastic screw, and i made the head of the screw unusable the first time i unscrewed it. And the lid for the compartment is stuck by default. After i got the screw out, i had to stick a screwdriver into the hole and yank it out.

Seems like Danelectro focuses more on the meat of the box and not the casing. 2/10

Overall Impression

All in all, the Pastrami was a nice little surprise. I use it quite frequently and i would order a new one instantly if/when it got broken. But i would not use it for gigging. 6/10