David Walliman - Deep Inside The Mind Review

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David Walliman - Deep Inside The Mind
David Walliman - Deep Inside The Mind


General Information

Original Author: The Uncreator

Artist: David Walliman

Album: Deep Inside The Mind

Genre: Instrumental/ Metal/ Rock


01. Creation
02. Welcome To Mysteryland
03. Escape
04. Inspiration
05. Duality
06. Fire Drops
07. I Want To See The Sun Again
08. Eyes: The Blind Shall See
09. Child From The Sky
10. If Dolphins Could Fly
11. Crossroads
12. Future Is Today
13. Last Day On Earth
14. Heaven's Gate


10 Having always been a fan of David's guitar tone, this album started me off right away with that same memorable tone.


10 The guitars, or Guitar, on this album are extremely well done, from blistering fast melt your face shred, to beautiful Melodies on Clean and Distorted guitars, Wallimans sound is flawless. Now his technique is a different thing, it is NOT flawless, it is BEYOND PERFECT, or even flawless, I dont know how you do better than flawless or perfect, but David found a way to do it! The solos and riffs are just played beautifully! The keyboard riffs along with the guitar and bass create an atmosphere that reminds me of Evegrey's "The Inner Circle", its very Melancholy, Yet with each passing song, as the man whos mind you go into gets revealed, The Melancholy is accompanied by a feeling of hope. When the album was over, not only was i just overwhelmed with this album, but i felt like i had been on this mans journey with him. David uses his guitar so effectivel on this album with each riff, solo, and even note, you are on this ride with him.


8 I dont know who this bass player is, but he is definetly got a thing for a damn good groove! The bass lines provide for the most part a heavy foundation for the songs, and Stephane Hary knows his way around a bass. From the subtle bass lines of "I Want To See The Sun Again" to the in your face groove stuff i love on "Duality", the bass is more than enough to keep you interested


8 Same goes with the drummer as the bassists, no idea who he is, but he has got soem groove, i really like the way they sounded in the faster stuff, and the heavier stuff, the just got your head bangin like any good drummer does. The drums definetly are very solid, and support all the instruments on a nice sound, Props to Davids Drummer!

==Lyric==s 9 The lyrics are acually spoken texts, never the less, they still add to the album, David i was thinking maybe you should do some acting, because your words on this album are put out in a very convinvcing way, and here are some of my favortie moments from this mans mind.

From " I Want To See The Sun Again"
God...Its Me, I am hearing this voice in my heart
Deep inside my mind i heard your call, But im afraid.
Im not sure how to do this and i realize that i need help
Its like im standing on the edge of reality like i though i knew it.
I dreamed about this and I want to see the sun again

From "Inspiration"
My soul is wandering in an endless flow of tears.
But when i look at what you are i get Inspired.
Call to me and i will answer you and tell you great and unserchable things
that you do no know.
If you seek me with all your heart and all your soul, you will find me.

There are many more on this album, David has done an excellent job at creating this man's mind, and prtraying what he goes through.

Overall Impression

10 One of the best instrumental albums ive bought in a long time, If you like Progressive instrumental music with lots of diversity, from Your face will melt off speed, to the most beautiful melodies that can bring a tear to the eye. Apparently Gods DNA and a parker nitefly were mixed to create this album of superior and epic proportions!

  • Message To David*

The beginning of "The Future Is Today" is hilarious

"Sorry to interupt the album, but uh...Can i ge a little more reverb?"

and then...

"Can i do my guitar solo now...i feel ready for it....Please?....with whip cream and a cherry on top...I can?!! Alright here it goes"

Good stuff, oh and that solo was awesome