Days of the New

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Days of the New
Days of the New

Days of the New formed in 1995 with lead singer Travis Meeks. With a very unique sound blending acoustic dropped D sounds to a rock flair they quickly launched into the mainstrean with their hit "Touch, Peel, Stand" from the debut CD entitled Yellow.

Travis Meeks was born April 27, 1979 in Jeffersonville, Indiana and is the lead singer/song writer for the band Days of the New. His vocal style is very unique and very original. He also supplied many of the guitar rhythms to his songs as well.

Due to Travis's antisocial behaviour and relentless drug addiction problems, the original line up of Days of the New split and formed a current band called "Tantric". Originally formed in 1999 by three former members, Todd Whitener, Jesse Vest and Matt Taul.

After a stint of rehab, meeks has continued to do solo gigs and appeared on many solo CD's including a collaboration with "Lennon" and was featured on "The Doors" remake cd doing LA Woman.


Days of the New I - Yellow
Days of the New II - Green
Days of the New III - Red


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Shelf in the Room


New Material after 8 years

TBA 2009 Days of the New 4th CD entitled "Tree Colors"

After 8 Years since the last Days of the New cd was recorded it has been officially announced that a new CD will be announce in 2009. Previews are available at Tree Colors

After all the great reviews from the 3 CD's, even with the diffrerent line up its no doubt the new CD will be nothing short of great again!