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Death were a Death Metal Band that formed in 1984 and based in Tampa, Florida. They were seen by many to be one of the founders of Death Metal Music including other bands such as Possessed. Death were led by Chuck Schuldiner who is sometimes known as the Godfather of Death Metal (A title he didn't personally like) and was the brains behind Death. He was the staple member of the band and the only member to survive through the entire Death Timeline. He was the vocalist and guitarist for the band. Death went on to release 7 studio albums before the untimely passing of Chuck Schuldiner on December 13th, 2001, from a long battle with pontine glioma, a type of brain cancer. Death were never a largely successful band but within metal fans Chuck was idolised and was seen to be one of the greatest metal guitarists around. To this day many tribute gigs and fundraisers go on worldwide to celebrate Chuck's life and to raise money for his parents endless medical bills.


Early Years (Pre-Death)

In 1983 Chuck was just 16 years of age when he formed the band Mantas (This would later be changed to Death) with his friends Kam Lee on drums and vocals and Rick Rozz on guitar. Both of whom later went on to be members of the Death Metal Band Massace.

I the Spring of 1984 they released their first recording with a stand in bassist called Emotional. This was an unofficial recording however and the first official recording was to be released in the Summer of 1984. The recording was a rehearsal tape known as "Death By Metal". This was a very basic recording from Chuck's mothers garage on Rick Rozz's Panasonic Tape Recorder. At this time Mantas slpit for a brief period and Chuck first planned a new band called Death when he was just 17 years of age.

This band was still made up of Chuck, Rick and Kam and they released the Reign Of Terror demo in October of 1984.

1985 to 1987 - The Run Up To The First Album

In March of 1985 the band released a 3 track demo called "Infernal Death" which would give fans the first glimpse of tracks that would later go on the first studio album "Scream Bloody Gore". However in the summer of 1985 both Kam Lee and Rick Rozz were no longer members of the band and Chuck brought in Scott Carlson on bass and Matt Olivio on guitar. They currently had no drummer and this stayed this way until the winter of 1985 when Eric Brecht joined to play drums but again this falls through and again Chuck is left bandless going into 1986 which would prove a much better year for Death.

Chuck had moved to San Francisco for the past year but made the decision to move back to Florida, only to move to Canada to join the band Slaughter and recorded just one song before moving back to Florida.

Chuck knew a drummer in San Francisco and decided to hook up with Chris Reifert on drums and Steve DiGiorgio on bass (He was standing in on bass as his main band Sadus were practicing in the same rehearsal rooms).

After releasing the Mutilation demo in early 1986 they got their big break and were offered a deal with Combat Records. This allowed the band to have the money to record their first album and from here they never looked back.

Scream Bloody Gore (Album One)

Scream Bloody Gore was released in the Spring of 1987 and had Chuck Schuldiner playing all Guitars, Bass and Vocals and Chris Reifert on the Drums.

Track Listing

Infernal Death
Zombie Ritual
Denial of Life
Regurgitated Guts
Baptized in Blood
Torn to Pieces
Evil Dead
Scream Bloody Gore
Beyond the Unholy Grave (bonus track)
Land of No Return (bonus track)

Although opinions of what was the first death metal album differ, (Possessed's 'Seven Churches' or 'Scream Bloody Gore'), we can easily say that Death with its band name, heavy sound and splatter lyrics with 'Scream Bloody Gore' made the blue print for an entire new sub-genre within metal.

Stephan Gébédi - Martelgang

1988 to 1991 (The Rise)

Scream Bloody Gore was getting great reviews in metal magazines all around and they were getting more well known in the metal underground but the next 3 albums would solidify their place as one of the most important metal bands ever. Chuck rejoined with ex-band mates to record the next studio album "Leprosy" with Rick Rozz, Terry Butler and Bill Andrews (All of which are from the band Massacre). Leprosy was released in October of 1987. The next album was Spiritual Healing and before this album was released in 1990 Rick Rozz was kicked out of the band and replaced with James Murphy (Cancer, Obituary, Testament). The Spiritual Healing album is released before a strange tour of Europe.

Chuck refused to tour Europe because he thought the tour was badly organised and would show them in a bad light but the other members decided to tour against Chuck's wishes. This is the only time Chuck hasn't been involved with Death and he was going to sue the members and later got rid of the members after a huge rift between the former band members.

After this Chuck decided it was best to get session musicians in for future recordings and for human drafted in Paul Masvidal, Steve DiGiorgio and Sean Reinert for the Human album. They would then tour in 1991 without Steve DiGiorgio on the Inhuman Tour Of The World Tour.

Death Recorded their first ever video for the song "Lack Of Comprehension" off of the "Human" album.


Born Dead
Forgotten Past
Left To Die
Pull The Plug
Open Casket
Primitive Ways
Choke On It

Eight 1A class shells of thrash that, thanks to the ultra heavy, but crystal clear production of Dan Johnson, will add additional pressure to the competition, and establish the band once and for all. With "Leprosy" Death delivered a thrash mile-stone and everybody who was somewhat disappointed about the last Slayer album, will have a hell of a lot to enjoy with this album.

Thomas Kupfer - Rock Hard

Spiritual Healing

Living Monstrosity
Altering The Future
Defensive Personalities
Within The Mind
Spiritual Healing
Low Life
Genetic Reconstruction
Killing Spree

The material is more complex, interesting and a bit different at times than on their last album, Leprosy, and the musicianship is more refined, but it is still as vicious and powerful as ever. Spiritual Healing again proves that Death is the best death metal band ever - hands down.

Jeff Kitts - Metal Mania


Flattening Of Emotions
Suicide Machine
Together As One
Secret Face
Lack Of Comprehension
See Through Dreams
Cosmic Sea
Vacant Planets

Death's fourth album in 1991 drove swarms of gapping-jawed patients to therapists. Mastermind Chuck Schuldiner and his excellent, technical Death colleagues cross-breeded brutal death metal with progressive elements, till they almost broke their fingers over it. Gone were the days in which death metal was primarily created fast and hot off the press.

Michael Rensen - Rock Hard

1992 to 1995 - The Great Years

These were the years when Chuck and Death really shined. The 2 albums released in this time period were hailed by many as the greatest death metal albums of all time and they were starting to branch out and become more technical in their music which would bring a whole new fanbase to the band and Chuck became a bigger guitar idol. At the start of 1992 Death released a best of compilation called Fate that comprised of songs off the first 4 albums before getting in a new line up for the recording of Individual Thought Patterns. The line up would be Andy LaRocque, Steve DiGiorgio and Gene Hoglan. Death recorded their second video for the song The Philosopher.

After the release of Individual Thought Patterns and the end of another European Tour, Death would have a break until 1995 when they had new members again on the recording of the Symbolic album. They got in Bobby Koelbe on guitar and Kelly Conlon on bass, whilst choosing to stick with Gene Hoglan on drums. This would prove to be Chuck's favourite album and a huge album in the Metal World.

Individual Thought Patterns

Overactive Imagination
In Human Form
Trapped In A Corner
Nothing Is Everything
Mentally Blind
Individual Thought Patterns
Out Of Touch
The Philosopher

Death loving musicians who have any insight in the remarkable capacities of this great band will be fascinated effortless by the entire album, because Chuck never leans on standard patterns. Naive death bangers may miss some straight forward head banging stuff as on "Scream Bloody Gore" and "Leprosy".

Wim Baelus - Aardschok


Zero Tolerance
Empty Words
Sacred Serenity
1,000 Eyes
Without Judgement
Crystal Mountain
Perennial Quest

The best Death album since 1990's Spiritual Healing. Symbolic burns with gargantuan detuned riffs, frantic drum blasts and Chuck Schuldiner's trademark vocal agony and comes across as far less pretentious than Human (1991) and Individual Thought Patterns (1993). This is a refreshing return to form for one of the pioneers of the Death metal genre and fans of catchy, guitar-driven Death Metal should find Symbolic a most impressive effort.

David Horn - SOD #6/1995

1996 to 2001 - The Heart Break and End Of Death

Death would have a big break until Chuck finished with his Control Denied side project but would return in 1998 with a new album "The Sound of Perseverance". It yet again had a different line up with Shannon Hamm, Scott Clendenin and Richard Christy joining the band. This was the first album released under Nuclear Assault Records and unfortunately the last album they released.

They toured hard and in May 1999, Chuck was diagnosed with a brainstem tumor and he battled away trying to overcome his cancer and Nuclear Blast Records released two live albums to help with the medical costs that were rising. And when it looked like Chuck's illness had gone he carried on with recording for Control Denied. The cancer came back worse than ever though and on December 13th 2001, Chuck lost his battle with cancer after a 2.5 year struggle. Another great man taken from this world and this meant the end of the band Death. One thing is for certain though. Death will never be forgotten for how they changed heavy metal and Chuck will be idolised by many metalheads for a long time to come. RIP Chuck.

Sound Of Perseverance

Scavenger Of Human Sorrow
Bite The Pain
Spirit Crusher
Story To Tell
Flesh And The Power It Holds
Voice Of The Soul
To Forgive Is To Suffer
A Moment Of Clarity

Chuck Schuldiner is one of the most competent guitarists in metal, and nobody knows how to combine technical brilliance, harmony, brutality and good melodic-lines like this man does. "Scavenger of Human Sorrow", "Bite the Pain", "Flesh and The Power It Holds" - goose-bumps are the consequence and refined brutality is the keyword for this masterpiece. This is music to die for!

Haakon Grav - Scream Magazine 08/1998 6/6


Death released 7 Studio Albums, 2 Live Albums and 1 Best Of Collection

The Studio Albums they released were:

1987: Scream Bloody Gore - Combat Records
(Line Up: Chuck Schuldiner on Guitars, Bass and Vocals, Chris Reifert - Drums)
(Stand Out Tracks: Zombie Ritual, Evil Dead and Scream Bloody Gore)

1988: Leprosy - Combat Records
(Line Up: Chuck Schuldiner - Guitar and Vocals, Bill Andrews - Drums, Terry Butler - Bass, Rick Rozz - Guitar)
(Stand Out Tracks: Pull The Plug and Open Casket)

1990: Spiritual Healing - Combat Records
(Line Up: Chuck Schuldiner - Guitar and Vocals, Terry Butler - Bass, Bill Andrews - Drums, James Murphy - Guitar)
(Stand Out Tracks: Spiritual Healing)

1991: Human - Combat Records
(Line Up: Chuck Schuldiner - Guitar and Vocals, Steve DiGiorgio - Bass, Paul Masvidal - Guitar, Sean Reinert - Drums)
(Stand Out Tracks: Suicide Machine, Lack Of Comprehension and Vacant Planets)

1993: Individual Thought Patterns - Combat Records
(Line Up: Chuck Schuldiner - Guitar and Vocals, Steve DiGiorgio - Bass, Gene Hoglan - Drums, Andy LaRocque - Guitar)
(Stand Out Tracks: Trapped In A Corner and The Philosopher)

1995: Symbolic - Roadrunner Records
(Line Up: Chuck Schuldiner - Guitar and Vocals, Kelly Conlon - Bass, Gene Hoglan - Drums, Bobby Koelble - Guitar)
(Stand Out Tracks: 1000 Eyes, Crystal Mountain, Empty Words and Perennial Quest)

1998: Sound Of Perseverance - Nuclear Blast Records
(Line Up: Chuck Schuldiner - Guitar and Vocals, Richard Christy - Drums, Scott Clendenin - Bass, Shannon Hamm - Guitar)
(Stand Out Tracks: Scavenger of Human Sorrow, Spirit Crusher, Flesh and the Power it Holds and Painkiller)

The Live Albums they released were:

2001: Live In L.A.: Death & Raw - Nuclear Blast Records
(Line Up: Chuck Schuldiner - Guitar and Vocals, Richard Christy - Drums, Scott Clendenin - Bass, Shannon Hamm - Guitar)
(Stand Out Tracks: Crystal Mountain, Pull The Plug and Symbolic)

2001: Live At Eindhoven - Nuclear Blast Records
(Line Up: Chuck Schuldiner - Guitar and Vocals, Richard Christy - Drums, Scott Clendenin - Bass, Shannon Hamm - Guitar)
(Stand Out Tracks: Spirit Crusher and Pull The Plug)

The Best Of Album they released was:

1992: Fate - The Best Of Death - Combat Records
(Line Up: Various)
(Collected from: Scream Bloody Gore, Leprosy, Spiritual Healing and Human)