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Hello GMCers!

My name is Jordan Perks and I live in South Wales in the UK. I'm 18 years old and have been playing guitar since my 15th birthday. I enjoy hiking when i'm not playing guitar- also training for the London marathon.

As some of you know- i have a cool party trick user posted image

Now, on to guitar. I love guitarists like John Petrucci, Paul Gilbert, Guthrie Govan and Joe Satriani. My goal as a guitarist is to blend their styles together to create "my own" sound.

Well then; on to the lesson!

The Lesson

There are quite a few people who post on the forum saying they are "unsure how to record" or "don't know what they're doing" when it comes to sharing the licks/riffs they've written.
This lesson should clear things up for those people.

Note: this is not a comprehensive demonstration of everything you can do with Reaper, however it should allow anybody who has the hardware to record the ability to use Reaper to share what they've written with the forum.

Reaper is an inexpensive DAW that has an unlimited trial version. No limitations in functions or time.

You can download Reaper here:

This lesson follows through these stages, to ensure you know you don't miss any stages setting up to record:

- Setting up Audio Device
- Adding a new track/arming for recording
- Checking audio input level
- Recording
- Tidying up our recording
- Rendering

The audio device i'm using is the KORG Pandora PX5d. There are many devices you can use, Line 6 have a great range for starting out with recording, check through the forum for details on that.

I make a reference to Tony's advice to setting An input recording level, which can be found here

And be sure to have a look through the rest of the topics here (be sure to read through those once you've got the basics of my lesson done)


Now....when you're ready and have installed Reaper, open my lesson!

Recording_with_reaper.wmv ( 12.75MB )

Note: The video did not run with VLC media player when i tested, but instead worked well with Windows Media Player.

Enjoy the no-nonsense/fast approach to recording your licks!

My next lesson will be about using MIDI to make drums and bass lines.

- Jordan