Digitech Genesis 3 Review

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General Information

Original Author: Todd Simpson

Weapon: Guitar Sound Processor

Make: Digitech

Model: Genesis 3

Price: About 50$ at eBay


The DIGITECH GENESIS 3 can trace is lineage all the way back to the Johnson Jstation. One of the original "Pod" type processors. Digitech bought the technology and it eventually became the rack mounted 2112, 2120, etc. Then went on to the GNX1, GNX1, GNX3, GNX4. The line stopped there when they changed chips/algorithms and started to sound a bit crap imho. But this is the start of all that. The Digitech Genesis. one of the first to offer the "Blend" option of blending two entire setups together. You could then save that, called a "warp" setting, then blend two of those together and so on. The sonic options are nearly limitless. here is a demo of a Genesis running through a small 2.1 speaker setup from cambridge audio. The genesis does cab emulation so it's a full rig. You can get them on ebay for about $50. Makes a great, cheap, one piece rig.