Dimebag Darrel Signature Stealth V Review

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Dimebag Darrel Signature Stealth V


General Information

Original Author: The Uncreator

Weapon: Electric Guitar

Make: Washburn

Model: Dimebag Darrel Signature Stealth V

Price: $599-$699, Since its discontinued, it can go from anywhere from $200-$1000, depending on condition, and seller

Playing Style: Metal


10 Just like Dimes sounds, this sound is very strong, thick and heavy, very good Metal, and it sounds good with any strings, amp, tuning, or style, its just Powerfull. the way this guitar is put together makes it feel stronger than anything, and it is, True story, I was walking from my house to my friends which at the time was only about 2 blocks, and i carried this guitar over there to see if it would fit in his spare gig-bag he was gonna sell me, well some fu**ing jack***** , 4 of them to be exact, tried to rob this from me and him, and i will DIE Before someone steal this, we ended up fighting (2 on 4) and i hit someone in the throat with the headstock so hard, it split straight down to the fret board, the tips of the "V" Headstock pointed in opposite directions, needless to say, they didnt get it and we fought them off, i took it home, almost cired, but the funnt thing was, IT WAS STILL IN TUNE!!! Perfectly in tune, not a half a step off, and you could still play it, just like any dimebag guitar (like in the video where dimes headstock falls off but the nut of the floating bridge keeps his guitar playable) It was a true dimebag moment, and after a year of repairs, the crack is barely noticeable, the pickups, which were damaged in the "Robbery Attempt" have been fixed, and it still sounds brand new!!


10 Imagine standing upon a giant mountain, you spent hours climbing up this mountain fighting off 1,000's of enemies, at the top of this mountain is a weapon so powerfull, you could destroy entire planets, this is the feeling of this guitar!!! Due to emotional connections when all i had at a certain time in my life was Music and guitar, just seeing this guitar makes me feel good, makes me feel safe, and calm, when playing this, there is NO restriction, the neck allows total access to anywhere on the neck, the 24th fret feels as if it were by the 15th or 17th fret. its very comfortable, even sitting down, atleast for me it is, but maybe thats because ive spent alot of time with it. Chords, no matter "Abstract" or "Alien-Like" they are to position yout hand, this neck makes it comfortable, if i could have an acoustic with this neck, i would never need another on again, this neck is as fast, if not faster, than any guitar ive played, at times it seems a bit faster than my RG.

Overall Impression

10 Unrivaled Unparalled, the only thing that can touch to this guitars unique feel and sounds is another Dime signature, and if some of you think this might not be as good as the Deans, well that isnt even close, Dime used these Washburns for more than 95% of his career, I think Every Pantera album was recorded with one actually.

Alternative Weapon