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ESP Guitars

Electric Sound Products


In 1975 Hisatake Shibuya opened a shop for replacing guitar parts in Tokyo Japan. His shop was called Electric Sound Products. He became a reputable name in replacement parts. 1976 began ESP's first lines of guitars with the ESP series and Navigator Series. These guitars circualated around the Japanesse market. In 1983 ESP was first introduced to the U.S. ESP replacement parts circulated the U.S with much success and ESP began making custom models for artists in the New York area. Such artists included Bruce Kulick of Kiss and Ron Wood of The Rolling Stones. In 1985 ESP released the 400 series into the U.S market as the first ESP line over seas. in 1986 George Lynch discovered ESP and eventually had them build him a custom and from there ESP took off. In this year they produced the M1 series, Horizon Customs, M1 Customs, and the Surveyor Bass Series. In 1989 ESP released Lynches custom model as their first signature series. ESP HQ was then established in New York near 48th street. It was also around this time that ESP began making guitars for Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett. In 1992 ESP expanded, discontinueing its custom parts business to concentrate on Guitars, Basses and the Custom Shop. At the early 90's ESP had over 41 Signature series. In 1993 ESP moved its HQ to Los Angelos and then to Hollywood. In 1996 LTD was created to manufacture ESP's High quality guitars at a more affordable pace and quality. ESP then discontinued selling its high end Flag-ship models in the states due to shipping costs and rather began pushing its Signature series.(In the early 2000's ESP began shipping these highend guitars to the states again at very high prices). In 2002 ESP was the music industries fastest growing company. This success was due mostly to Fenders buyout of Jackson who was the largest competitor to ESP in the 80's and 90's. When Jackson was boughtout many of their artists moved over to ESP. Some artists who left Jackson for ESP include Dave Mustaine- Megadeth and Alexi Laiho. ESP Released another successful line in 2005 and continues to be one of the most successful guitar companies today.


ESP carries many guitar and bass lines but is most well known for their Signature series's.

Electric Guitars
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example of Esp Horizon Series

ESP AX Series---
ESP Eclipse Series---
ESP Explorer Series---
ESP Forest Series---
ESP FX Series---
ESP Horizon Series---
ESP Hybrid Series---
ESP Mirage Series---
ESP MH Series---
ESP MHNT Series---
ESP V Series---
ESP Viper Series---
ESP 2005 30th Anniversary Series---
ESP J Deluxe Series---
ESP Artist Series (Japan)---
ESP Original Series---
ESP 400 Series---
ESP Edwards Series---
ESP Grass Roots Series---
ESP Italia Series ---
ESP Lakland Series ---
ESP Navigator Series ---
ESP SV Series ---
ESP Junior ---
ESP Junior II ---

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Basses ESP Jacoshenk ---
ESP Vintage-4 Series---
ESP B-1000 Series ---
ESP D Series ---
ESP AX Series ---
ESP Viper Series ---
ESP Eclipse Series ---
ESP Forest Series ---
ESP B Series ---


Like companies like Ibanez and Jackson, ESP was preferred by Hard Rock and Metal artists alike. ESP created lines of guitars with an agressive feel which made them appealing to agressive genres. ESP had the ability to move out of these genres too. The Eclipse Series is an example of a ESP guitar that was more bassed towards a more alternative rock feel or even blues. ESP is still best known for its Metal artists.


Many very big names in Hardrock and metal play ESP guitars:

Kirk Hammett ---
Bruce Kulick---
Emppu Vuorienen ---
Alexi Laiho---
Wayne Static ---
Willie Adler---
Michael Ammott---
George Lynch---
Ron Wood---
Steve DiGiorgio---
Paul Landers---
Eric Melvin---
André Olbrich and Marcus Siepen----
Beefcake the Mighty---
Thomas Erak---
Tetsuya Ogawa---
Akira Takasaki ---
Wednesday 13---
Frédéric Leclercq ---
GUS G---
Abbath Doom Occulta

For a Full list see the ESP website

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