EZ Drummer / Drums From Hell Review

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EZ Drummer
EZ Drummer


General Information

Original Author: Todd Simpson

Software: Drum Kit Virtual Instrument

Make: Toontrack

Model: EZ Drummer / DFH addon

Price: 99 USD


If you are doing home recording, you have probably run in to the problem of creating drum tracks without a drummer. There are many solutions to this problem. You can pre-record your drums with a drummer at a studio, (a bit pricey), you can use a midi drum kit or drum triggers or a Dpad to put in beats manually. You can use a midi keyboard with a drum patch to put in drums via finger tip. Or you can use something like EZ DRUMMER.


EZ Drummer can run as a plugin or as a stand alone application. If you are using something like REAPER or PRO TOOLS or LOGIC, EZ Drummer is a great way to get drum tracks created that sound great with a minimum amount of fuss. You launch the plugin from within your DAW and preview hundreds of drum patterns and fills that were created by killer drummers from great bands from all over the world and recorded in a pro studio. The sounds are great. The patterns and fills are great.

Overall this is an amazing product that you can buy for a song, if you excuse the pun. The newest version, SUPERIOR DRUMMER 2.0, is even better and also costs a bit more. It's more flexible but also a bit more complicated. So EZ Drummer is a great place to start if you are new to the world of software drums and it's much cheaper than their flagship product. Here is a video from the company that makes EZ Drummer to introduce you to the interface:

If you play Hard Rock or Heavy Metal, right after buying EZ Drummer, RUN don't walk and buy the DRUM KIT FROM HELL expansion pack. Worth every penny. If features drummers from top Metal bands and wads of killer tracks and fills.

Here is a little demo I put together in about 30 seconds.

And here is a video from Toontrack introducing DFH and all the killer drummers that it features:


In short, this is a great product and well worth having. If you have yet to take the plunge in to software drums, this is a great way to go. Best of all you can get EZ DRUMMER and the DRUMS FROM HELL EXPANSION for $99 for BOTH!

Practice! Todd