Economy picking

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Economy picking is a type of picking that involves playing with a pick in such manner when changing strings, the player keeps the same downstroke or upstroke move.

For example if a player plays downstroke on one string and goes to adjacent string bellow it he also plays downstroke; or if a player plays upstroke and goes to string above it he keeps the upstroke.

This minimizes the hands movements and that is where the name "economy" comes from. The technique makes playing more smoother if practiced properly, and often used by jazz players in fast runs. It is particulary effective in three-notes-per-string boxes, like this one bellow

A minor ( A - downstroke, V - upstroke )

E-------------------------------------------------7A--8V--10A-- B---------------------------------------6A--8V--10A------------ G------------------------------5A--7V--9A---------------------- D---------------------5A--7V--9A------------------------------- A------------5A--7V--8A---------------------------------------- E--5A--7V--8A--------------------------------------------------

--Ikhabot 12:07, 21 March 2008 (UTC)