Electro-harmonix Metal Muff Review

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Electro-harmonix Metal Muff
Electro-harmonix Metal Muff


Original author: VinceG

Weapon: Pedal

Make: Electro-harmonix

Model: Metal Muff

Price: $89 USD


Well this is it, I have found the perfect stomp box distortion that I have been looking for. This baby can make any "POS" of an amp/guitar into a metal set-up in a push of a button. It can give you tons of distortions. May it be that classic 80's hair metal marshal/randall sound or modern gain grinding distortion. This box has enough distortion to contribute to the lows of death metal, to the trebly sound of power metal. Need a lil boost for your solos? Kick in the boost button to unleash grinding trebble sound that can be heard throughout the arena. The buttons are well responsive and it can give the tone you are looking for. Plus its true bypass what more can you ask for. This pedal also doesnt eat batteries like any other stomp boxes out there. I have used the same 9v battery for about a month and a half with an average play time of 4 hours a day.


Overall this is one of the best distortion box you can have in your set up w/o emptying your wallet. 10 out of 10 on my book. Seriously what the hell are you waiting for? Go to the nearest guitar center and plug this baby in and unleash the metal in you.