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First known as the Electric Elves, then shortened to The Elves and finally to Elf in mid-1970, Elf was a blues-rock/hard rock band found in 1967 by the singer and bassist Ronnie James Dio, keyboardist Doug Thaler, drummer Gary Driscoll, Nick Pantas and David Fienstein on the guitars.

Bit Of History

Three years after the band was formed, they suffered an automobile accident which claimed the life of Nick Pantas. 2 years after that Doug Thaler quit the band after the release of "Live at the Bank" and was replaced by Micky Lee Soule.

In the same year they released their self-titled debut album "Elf" produced by Roger Glover and Ian Paice Deep Purple

In 1973 the bassist Craig Gruber joined up the band and Steve Edwards was called to play the guitar since Feinstein had quit the band to start his owns projects.

Around 1974, former deep purple guitarist Richie Blackmore was looking for musicians for his first solo record, Dio voice got in Richie's ear and so he recruited all Elf members expect Steve Edwards, and the band Rainbow was formed. The band still managed to finish recording what would be their last album, and in 1975, Elf was disbanded.

Band Members

Ronnie James Dio, Lead Vocals, Bass.
David "Rock" Feinstein, Lead Guitar.
Doug Thaler, Keyboards.
Nick Pantas, Guitar. Pantas was killed in the 1970 auto accident, and not replaced.
Gary Driscoll, Drums.
Micky Lee Soule, Keyboards, Backing Vocals.
Steve Edwards, Lead Guitar.
Craig Gruber,Bass.
Mark Nauseef, Percussion.


Live At The Beacon (1971) - as The Elves
Live At The Bank (1972)
Elf (1972)
Live! And My Soul Shall Be Lifted (1973)
Carolina County Ball (1974) (US title: L.A.59)
Trying to Burn the Sun (1975)
The Gargantuan (1978) compilation of 1974 & 1975 albums
The Elf Albums (1991) compiles 1974 & 1975 albums
Live! And My Soul Shall Be Lifted (2001) re-released as official